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Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Paul Walker's Death Disrespected As Someone Is Selling Alleged Pics Of His Body From After The Accident!

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 12:57 PM PST

This is absolutely disgusting!

We can't believe this is happening, but someone is trying to sell what they claim are pictures of Paul Walker's dead body from after his fatal car accident. was contacted about the pictures, but we have not seen them and refuse to publish them.

We can't confirm that the pictures they claim to have are really of Paul and Roger Rodas after the accident, but either way this is a horrible thing to happen.

We hope that no one else purchases and publishes these pictures. And we hope that whoever is trying to sell these pictures realizes how completely wrong this is!

[Image via WENN.]

Amanda Bynes Arrives For A Doctor Visit 1 Day After Checking Out Of Rehab! See New Pics HERE!

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 12:50 PM PST

Amanda Bynes looks like she's ready for fashion school because we are sort of loving that outfit!

A simple yet elegant sweater, classic blue jeans, and a fab gold chain necklace to match her purse!

You look great, gurl!

Amanda made a visit to a medical center this morning, only one day after being checked out of rehab. So it's pretty clear she's serious about staying healthy this time around!

With her loving parents at her side, we're certain the road to recovery is going to be that much easier!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

Whoopi Goldberg Denies Hanging With Mary Jane Before The View, But Teaches Andy Cohen How To Roll A Joint! Watch HERE!

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 12:47 PM PST

It's not new news that Whoopi Goldberg used to smoke.

In fact, The View co-host even admitted a couple years ago that she smoked weed to calm her nerves before the Oscars!

So, fast forward to the present when Whoopi made an appearance on Andy Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live and is asked by a viewer if the Ghost actress has ever lit one up before her daytime gig.

Whoopi answered:

"It's never happened. Who wants to take the chance? It's a good gig to have, so I don't want to blow it by smoking and [giggling] the whole time. I think it would be bad."


She's right though, having a spot on The View is pret-ty sweet!

Besides, she can always smoke after taping when she's on her own time!

We think Barbara Walters would appreciate that.

Ch-ch-check out Whoopi teaching Andy how to roll a joint (below)!!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

Angelina Jolie Is A Director On The Go On The Set Of Unboken! Is There Anything She Can't Do?

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 12:38 PM PST

We're sure that anyone on a set with Angelina Jolie as a director respects her every word of advice!

Angelina was seen today talking with extras, giving notes, and even signing autographs and giving hugs on the set of Unbroken, which is currently filming in Sydney, Australia!

If Angelina is as hands on with Brad Pitt as she is with her directing style, then it is no wonder why he's such a happy man!

Keep being a Renaissance woman, Angelina! You're an inspiration to us all!

[Image via MTRX/AKM-GSI.]

Eva Longoria Brings Her New BF With Her To The Art Basel Event In Miami Beach!

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 12:20 PM PST

That hunk is one contemporary piece of art!

We were all so thrilled to hear that Eva Longoria recently found a new boyfriend with a name as sexy as they come (ew, not like that!), Jose Antonio Baston!

And last night they put their love on exhibition!

The pair attended the Art Basel event in Miami Beach, and were caught talking with photographer Randall Slavin at his Moments in Motion gallery! Meanwhile we motion that Eva's moments with Jose never end!

They look so right for each other! Just like an art frame, we want to nail Jose on the wall in our bedroom with a good hammer session!

[Image via Getty Images.]

Carrie Underwood Wasn't Sound Of Music's 1st Pick?! The Original Von Trapps Wanted A DIFFERENT Actress!

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 12:12 PM PST

Uh oh! Maybe they SHOULD have given them what they wanted!

Last night's broadcast of the Sound of Music LIVE was met with mixed reviews, Carrie Underwood's vocals were AH-MAZE but her acting was...not. (Just take a look at the live tweets from last night!)

However, it's coming to light that the original von Trapp family was NOT on board with Carrie's casting as Maria! In fact they wanted someone COMPLETELY different to play the role!

According to Myles von Trapp Derbyshire, who is the great grandson of the OG Maria von Trapp, the family wanted none other than Miz Anne Hathaway to play the role!


The 28 year-old New-Yorker said:

"[Our family has] had the conversations of who could play this role better and it was Anne Hathaway, for example. Here's someone who just won an Oscar for a similar situation [for Les Miserables]. She was able to act and sing."

WHOA! That's definitely a totally different casting choice than Carrie!

Anne ALSO gets points because she actually knows Julie Andrews and could totes call her up for advice!

Myles also went on to discuss the family's apprehension about the casting choice when they originally heard!

He said:

"It's just upsetting that this could potentially be the final broadcast of our story. Although her voice is amazing, she doesn't have acting experience. It's just the overall image, she's a country star, she won 'American Idol,' she's very public in kind of a tabloid way. Now we have this very glossy, tabloid figure playing this role."

Francoise von Trapp, who is Myles' aunt, took to her blog when she first heard and said "Carrie Underwood as Maria? Seriously?"


While we think, Carrie did only okay, we're interested to see who U think would have played the role better!


Katy Perry's Love Grows Unconditionally Like Wild Flowers On X Factor Italy! Watch Her Performance HERE!

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 12:03 PM PST

Girl has got it!

Katy Perry's new album, Prism, is to die for. And her performances promoting that album are just as AH-Mazing!

Even though she's been busy dining with Niall Horan and getting cuddly with John Mayer, Katy always has time to entertain her fans. And this time, she took to the X Factor Italy stage to perform Unconditionally!

Katy brought her flower power to the stage in a gorge gown, but the only thing that topped all those petals was her powerful voice!

Seeing her love flow from this song every single time has to make John feel like one damn lucky man!

Ch-ch-check out of beautiful performance (above)!

One Direction Catches A Fainting Paul Rudd In New Saturday Night Live Promos! Watch HERE!

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 11:51 AM PST

If we were in the presence of Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam we'd totes pass out too!

Saturday Night Live just released brand new (and simply hilar) promos for this weekend's show featuring Paul Rudd and One Direction!

The Anchorman star plays coy with the boys and eventually tries to audition for a spot in the band---coming up empty with an awful audition!


Ch-ch-check out the silly vid (above) where Paul basks in the hottie perfection that is 1D and faints from their overpowering seksiness!

Kelly Clarkson Is Getting Her Pilot's License Because She's "Awesome!" Watch Her HIGHlarious Interview HERE!

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 11:41 AM PST


Kelly Clarkson has a voice that moves us to tears, but when she speaks she also has us tearing...

...tears of laughter that is!!

The mama-to-be visited Ellen DeGeneres to gab about her pilot's license training AND her #1 Christmas album Wrapped In Red.

Dare we say her unfiltered wit rivals Jennifer Lawrence??!

If she ever wants to retire from music and her pilot dreams don't take flight, she could totez be a comedian! HA!

Ch-ch-check out our imaginary BFF chit-chat (above)!!

P.S. CLICK HERE to hear Kelly spill about her wedding and pregnancy!

Prince William Comments On Nelson Mandela’s Death At The Premiere Of His Biopic - Video HERE

Posted: 06 Dec 2013 11:19 AM PST

Prince William and Kate Middleton were the guests of honor at last night's premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, the biopic based on Nelson Mandela's incredible story of struggle and perseverance.

But as the credits rolled and the theater erupted into a standing ovation of praise for the film, word then spread of the great leader's passing!

While leaving the Leicester Square cinema, Prince William stopped to comment on the sad news of Nelson Mandela's death. He solemnly shared:

"It's obviously extremely sad and tragic news. We were just reminded of what an extraordinary and inspiring man Nelson Mandela was and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family right now."

A strange yet beautiful coincidence that the moment he passed was the moment Mr. Mandela was being praised by so many. He forever changed the world and will be sincerely missed.

But never forgotten.

Watch Prince William's comments on Nelson Mandela below.

[Image via John Williams/WENN.]

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