Friday, July 11, 2014

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Awww! Melissa McCarthy Caught Canoodling With Her Husband! Check Out The ADORABLE Pics Here!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 01:10 PM PDT

Jeez, can Melissa McCarthy and hubby Ben Falcone get ANY cuter?!

After a delish Thai lunch in Studio City yesterday, Melissa and her husband got SUPER cute as they waited for their car. In one of the snaps, Melissa nuzzles her head into Ben's neck and it gives us a warm fuzzy. Le sigh.

In an interview back in 2013, Jenny said of her man:

"Now I feel like I have two great kids and the dreamiest husband on the planet, and everything else is just a work in progress."

How sweet! We LOVE how Melissa and Ben collaborated on the HIGH-larious movie, Tammy, and how they manage to stay so in lurve even at work!

Boy, we're suddenly feeling super romantical and maybe even a bit jealous!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

What Do You Do If You're Justin Timberlake & A Fan Throws Her Panties At You? Respond Like THIS!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 12:50 PM PDT

What should your response be if you're a married man and a woman whips her panties off for you?

Well, if you're Justin Timberlake, you make an awesomely sassy comment!

The singer paused his golfing dates with Jessica Biel to perform at an exclusive Citi/AAdvantage & MaserCard Priceless Access event at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night in New York City!

JT performed for a packed crowd, singing some of his classics, like SeƱorita and Cry Me A River, along with some covers, one being Jolene, and treating them to his newer stuff like Not A Bad Thing!

Well, during the course of the night an overzealous fan flung her undies at JT unexpectedly!

So how'd he respond? He said:

'This is a MasterCard sponsored event sweetheart. It won't get you more points. [pause] I f*cking love you too.'

LOL! The sass is strong in this one! We love it!!!

We love that even if he did give her some fun attitude, he still told her he loved her too! So sweet!

Just in case you weren't one of the lucky attendee's last night, then ch-ch-check out some of the performances (below)!!!

[Image via AP.]

CAUTION: This Video Of John Legend & Taye Diggs Leaving Sexy Voicemails May Cause Fire In Your Loins

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 12:41 PM PDT

Sexy voicemails from John Legend and Taye Diggs??!


Two of the hottest men on the planet visited Watch What Happens Live and, of course, Andy Cohen didn't fail when providing the creative games.

This time, Andy gave the babes a beep for each to record a super steamy voicemail.

Whose message made our nether regions tingle??! Decide for yourself (below)!

You Won't BELIEVE How Many People Tried To Get On Game Of Thrones This Year!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 12:20 PM PDT

When you play the Game Of Thrones, you win or you die. Or sometimes you have 9,900 people more than you need!

The HBO megahit is filming in a brand new country this year, and although Dorne may be filled with people with no interest in the iron throne, Spain is another story!

When Spanish casting company Fresco Film Services put out a casting call for extras, less than 24 hours later the company had received a whopping 10,000 responses from GoT fans!

Maybe they shouldn't have mentioned what show they would be working on...

The company posted on their Facebook page that they were overwhelmed but would try to reply to all the solicitations as quickly as possible.

We say take everyone and film the biggest battle scene of all time! Or love scene. Either way.

Kiesza Proves That She's More Than Just A Singer On The Late Show - Watch Her Give An Entire Performance HERE!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 12:11 PM PDT

Kiesza made her network television debut last night on The Late Show with David Letterman, and just like her MuchMusic Video Awards performance, she nailed it.

What really stood out, aside from the radio-friendly melody, was that Kiesza really seems to be an entertainer. She didn't just stand on stage and sing her song. She had a fully-choreographed routine that not only brought her into the audience, but brought her outside to dance on the streets as well.

The Canadian singer, pronounced kai-zuh if you were also confused on how to differentiate between her and Kesha, was on The Late Show as part of her press circuit ever since her music video for Hideaway went viral.

But Hideaway isn't just her first single, it's also the name of her EP, which comes out this week!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

Leah Remini Reveals The Truth About Jennifer Lopez's Relationship Status AND The BEST Part Of Leaving Scientology! Girl Got Honest HERE!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 12:01 PM PDT

Hmmm, what would Lord Xenu think?!

In an interview with the fabulous Andy Cohen, Leah Remini opened up about her departure from Scientology and revealed whether or not BFF Jennifer Lopez is getting steamy with Dancing With The Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Leah experienced a lot of fallout and DRAMA once she decided to leave the controversial religion in June 2013, but the King of Queens star is now in a much better place.

We can TOTALLY see the change in Leah, and now we know why she has such a special glow (hint: it rhymes with snooze).

After Andy and Leah traded some quips about Scientology, the Bravo mogul asked if pal Jennifer is getting frisky with Maksim.

One of our favorite things about Leah is her candor, and her honesty DEFINITELY shines in this interview. Continue to find your bliss, girl!

Ch-ch-check out the video...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

Thought Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Were Broke Up? Think Again — And Look At His Newest Instagram Pic!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 11:50 AM PDT

Well, well, well what have we got here!

It doesn't LOOK like Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have broken up since he just posted a pic of her to his Instagram!

We're surprised she forgave him so easily for stepping out on her with another mystery girl!

The couple were spotted attending the Hollywood Hennessy Party together last night looking like they had no cares in the world.

Even if they DID delete all pictures of one another from their respective social media accounts, Chris wasted no time in posting a new one with his gal in it!

How nice of him!

Well, good to see these two have no problem proving the rumors wrong with their unbreakable love.

A couple that parties together stays together, duh!

[Image via WENN/Instagram.]

Whoa! Pamela Anderson's Divorce Has Her Penning Long, Bizarre Poetry!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 11:40 AM PDT

Should we be concerned?

Divorce is never easy, but it seems that Pamela Anderson is having an extra tough time with her second divorce from Rick Salomon.

How can we tell??

Well, just a week after filing for divorce on July 3rd, Pamela posted a lengthy and emotional poem on her Facebook explaining just how she feels about heartache.

Among the peculiar statements, Pamela wrote:

"I love being in love-- but expectations,
make it impossible to be happy-
or satisfied...
I've tried... so hard..
maybe it's not in fashion--
Tradition...just seemed so romantic...,
I guess it's a used up ideal --
for the old fashion...
not modern.."

Oh, gurllllll! Love is a battlefield even for the Baywatch icon!

Pamela goes on to also write:

"Ordering sex on line
Is like ordering a book on Amazon."

We hope that doesn't mean Rick was unfaithful! That would make this whole deal even MORE heartbreaking!

Is this a cry for help?! We're here for you, babe!

Read the rest of the troubling words (below)!!!

I know it's bad for you...
But, this is when I wish,
I had a cigarette-
something I've never tried- (light up)
some kind of relief..
I wish it was Italy 40 years ago--
The moon rising over the Amphitheater--
to tremendous applause... like Herzog (clap)
Europeans don't seem to care about silly
smoking laws?,
We do what we want anyway -
behind closed doors--
Our true character, collective complexities.
childish activities -
patterns- genetics? Attention deficit-
- ...SEX ... a lost art-- a sickness--
Lost sensuality -
The cruel smell of orange blossoms...
I love being in love-- but expectations,
make it impossible to be happy-
or satisfied...
I've tried... so hard..
maybe it's not in fashion--
Tradition...just seemed so romantic...,
I guess it's a used up ideal --
for the old fashion...
not modern...
Female security... lost-
no way--
Coded, and loaded Cell phones,
Computers --
Ordering sex on line-
is like ordering a book on Amazon--
and ... snooping eats you alive--
A mirrored action. obsessive love...
hopeless- knocked sideways--
There is always this feeling -
of discontent--
Like something is off...
I can't put my finger on why--
Who wants to be the Warden--
I want out of here-- out of this time --
in space--
Grey, muted crystals,
from unsavory places-
bad intentions,
dull- no fire-- a secret life -
Laying in my hotel bed--
pulling up my stockings- carefully
re-attaching to the garter- ,
The cuban heel- the line
(right on course)
the works...
Feeling a little guilty-
I started to fantasize--
Il Postino, Pablo Neruda-
Should I go to Capri--?
So frustrated--
burning... questions...
No man knows what to do with me--
I blame myself--
To play with me, is eternal--
I'm not 'on the clock' or...
on the 'payroll'--
I had to get out of the room-
The velvet stuff and porcelain things
closing in on me--
What have I done...?
I knew it was wrong from the start--
primitive-- base instinct..
Never marry a rich man...
Euros from a Vagabond..
Just start walking - (Like Jeanne Moreau and
Miles Davis)
Never look back-
There is only beauty ahead,
I almost forgot where I was-- shit--
My white
Burberry trench -
- on the floor?
A Parkay floor...
(Narration by a deep voiced sexy black guy)
BG- She stopped to admire it's clever design,
ME- "So pretty"
BG wrapped herself up---
She snuck out the door with a quiet click,
and Seamlessly, floating down the hall- (on wire)
Her Tom Ford feet didn't
touch the ground--
Falling gracelessly into an elevator
playing Nat King Cole's .... Stardust?
(remembering the movie)
ME- "Fallen Angel?"
BG Nobody was up yet-
out into the cool world she goes,
I can breathe..."
BG- looking for a little human contact?
Playful seduction? ...
ME- "I'm so Hungry..."
BG- Her heart was racing---
It was barely dawn --
Bathed in perfect light-
magic hour-- --
ME- "Everyone looks good this early"
BG- Even cats and hummingbirds
Was anyone watching her..
She gazed up into dark windows...
to nobody...
and let the jacket fall loosely around
her shoulders...
The rush coming back- ...
a little lost on purpose,
Hiding around corners,
ME- so dangerous-
my body is on fire....
my body is never done-- trouble finds me--
please find me-
The iron is always hot!"
BG- She Leaned against the cool wall of a
stoney church-
It felt good, soothing-
ME- I wonder how prostitution works-
Does it ever feel good?
Lost little souls - being taken advantage of--
or taking advantage of-
Is it just for money? Is it for attention?
or --- both--
Women suffer-
- Everywhere...
rules, rules, rules--
conflicting needs..
I can't find the answers-- It's an epidemic--
I know I won't compete with a computer--
or - a gaggle of hollywood boys hiring poor
Russian girls to swallow loaves of bread
up their anus'?-
How does that work?"
BG- She was disturbed--
How far can she take this?-- Is it even real?--
ME- "Have we lost men to thin air---
to the Abyss-- to technology and lube-
Flesh is attached to a heart and a brain-
takes effort...and skill...
Where are the great lovers?-- A lost art...
God , I hope not...
I've never been to Columbia-- Should I go?- I really want to go!
Is this Hysteria?...
now-- Coming down from the ceiling,
dripping in gold glitter--
Dancing with Nureyev- eyes closed---
the dream...
arousing my tenderness,
A sweet rawness-
feeling bruised and scratched up--
Hypnotic -
Life is sensual-- not a "fix it in post"--
The End of an Era--
Chivalry, elegance-
Celebrated imperfections -
differences... hot---passionate dreamy scenes...
The girl next door-- shyness-- "it's my first time"
but - not my last....(wink)
-- I'm planning a mysterious coup--
Want to get in on it--
Julian Assange?
Is it healthy, to be fantasied about...
by many men --?
Isn't that the goal-
How many can we effect--
It's natural-- to want to be desired--
The world creeps up on you--
and there you are,
ALL over the place-
places you never intended to be-- (desert storm?)
I am human you know--
left to adjust to the madness-
No mercy- pay the price-- my fault-
BG- feeling empty, sad-- withdrawn-
Left to Isolate-- Medicate.
Go to sleep--
ME-NO! I wont- -
ME- You know- It's not freaky enough,
to just be beautiful--
I've never felt beautiful-
I always felt sexual... and blind..
oh wowwy... I'm losing my mind--
I'm shutting down-- It's such a strange feeling...
going numb... in front of everyone----
It's like a Self inflicted drowning...hard to do--
(Alarm bells!!)---
When did I want to be this thing?--
To attract what?
When did I go from a curious little girl,
to an insatiable woman? Girl on the run...
Femme fatale... devoted and ....divided.
Are we all going crazy? -
or, is it just me?
Is it that stuff on unwashed vegetables?
When did I lose control over my own heart?--
When did I start believing ,
That this is all I'm good for-
against my better judgement--
fell for it- dammit- it all backfired--
It doesn't feel good to be used, neglected, ignored---
I'm not doing this---
It's humiliating - I have to turn this around--
Settling is powerless- desperate--
an illusion--
Can't buy your way out of this one ...buddy!!,
I'm cold-
(She can't stop laughing..)
Reminds me of a play I wrote --
That one about The Hell's Angels,
starring -
Steve Queen and Bridgitte Bardot--
The Entr' Acte....
** A car chase-
She is going on and on (in french) and
He's just trying to have his way with her-
everything is double entree' Funny/Sexy-(subtitles projected)
They've stolen billions in diamonds - she's dripping from head to toe...
in a sparkly madness of laughter--- 60's Porsche?- (or that GT/Bullit car)
All in a Car - bouncing and swerving-- lights- facing the audience-- (with BW projections from the 60's behind them--)...
They fall in love-- They fall apart---
I'm not sure what the The Hells Angels have to do with it--
but they stay in the title---
The End....
VEGAS 2014... limited engagement--
Copywritten Pamela Anderson-- (all rights reserved)-
written July 1, 2014
Pamela Anderson

[Image via WENN.]

Justin Bieber Might Think His Swaggy Car Looks Good, But It Doesn't Run So Well! And His New Girl Was There For The Embarrassment!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 11:20 AM PDT

Well, this is awkward!

You're a young millionaire and you don't even have a car that works?!

Oh, Justin Bieber, it might be time to rid yourself of your leopard-print Audi R8 because not only is it making eyes sore around the world, it doesn't even run properly!

After pleading no contest to misdemeanor vandalism, Bieberoni took his lady friend, Yovanna Ventura, for a nice, romantic date to Chick-fil-A. But the date didn't end well because while driving along, Biebsy boy's fancy car started smoking and overheating.

Luckily, his bodyguards weren't far behind so they pulled over and handled the matter, including driving Justin and his new lady to a hotel while they left the Audi behind (above).

We're sure they rested off their fine dining meal back at a luxury hotel.

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

George Clooney Finds A New Comrade In Angelina Jolie! Find Out Why She's Firing Back At The Same Tabloid As He!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 11:09 AM PDT

This is a good thing for Brad Pitt. Most BFFs and GFs have a a hard time getting along! LOL!

First George Clooney's libelous drama...

And now, THIS A-list actress is fighting back against tabloid malarky!!

Angelina Jolie is following George's lead after he spoke out against Daily Mail for publishing a fabricated story about his fianceƩ Amal Alamuddin's mom, Baria --- by allegedly serving the company with a lawsuit!

She's Lara Crof-ting their slander! BOOM!

The Maleficent actress is apparently taking the publication to court for publishing a 15-year-old video (first posted by The National Enquirer) reportedly shot by convicted drug dealer, Franklin Meyer, showing Angie sick, skinny, allegedly high and rambling!

But at 24, c'mon! Think of all the hormones! Clearly this video isn't all it's being made out to be.

The mega-star is reportedly suing for breach of privacy --- and we don't blame her!

Nothing like the past coming back to haunt, the now, humanitarian, and in the worst possible way.

Knowing her as we do, she'll win it all too. Folks will rue the day they picked a fight with Angelina!

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