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The Young, Black, and Fabulous

The Young, Black, and Fabulous

Sanaa Lanthan and Steve Rifkind Back On?! + Floyd Mayweather, Meagan Good, Omar Epps & MORE LAUGH It Up At All Def Digital Comedy Show

Posted: 04 Jul 2014 08:55 AM PDT

 photo funny2.jpg

Well, what do we have here? Is that Sanaa Lathan laughing it up alongside Steve Rifkind? Are they back on? Plus, Floyd Mayweather, Meagan Good, husband DeVon Franklin, Omar Epps, his wife Keisha Epps and many more hit up Russell Simmons’ comedy show for some laughs. Peep the pics inside…

“Best Man Holiday” actress Sanaa Lathan and her former boo/ Founder and CEO of SRC Records Steve Rifkind were spotted laughing it up near each other at Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital Comedy Live show in L.A.

You’ll recall years ago, Sanaa and Steve were dating when some drama surfaced as Steve was in the process of getting a divorce from interior designer and former model Nicole Lamy. A source close to Steve told back then that the he purposely uses black women in the industry for sex and simply because he can. Hmm.  Seems all of that could possibly be behind them...

 photo funny9.jpg

 photo funny12.jpg

Undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather has been all over L.A. recently. After hitting up the 2014 BET Awards and partying at the after parties, Floyd came out out to share some laughs with Russell Simmons and fans.

 photo funny11.jpg

Floyd also posed it up with Miss Diddy of The Brand Group in super cute pants and friend.

 photo funny5.jpg

TLAM2 star and Rolling Out cover girl Meagan Good came out for some laughs, still looking fab while make-up free.

 photo funny10.jpg

And her preacher/film executive husband DeVon Franklin was also in attendance.

 photo funny6.jpg

“Resurrection” star Omar Epps and his wife/former Total group member Keisha Epps came out for a cutesy date night.

 photo funny3.jpg

 photo funny4.jpg

The married couple of eight years shared some laughs and drinks with friends as they enjoyed the show.

 photo funny7.jpg

Meagan Good’s sister La'Myia Good and singer Eric Bellinger (whose featured on Mase’s new “Nothing” track) posed it up, matching in gray.

 photo funny8.jpg

Although he’s going through a divorce from his estranged wife Keyshia Cole, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson came out to de-stress.

 photo funny1.jpg

And R&B male group Jagged Edge was also in attendance. They’re currently making a comeback to the music scene with their newly released track “Hope.”

Photos: Kassanova of The Brand Group LA.

JUST MARRIED?! The-Dream Puts A Ring On...His NEW Chick?!

Posted: 04 Jul 2014 07:50 AM PDT

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at102914AM_zps49cbf0e2.png

Well, this is interesting.  In the midst of a domestic violence case with his ex-fiance & baby's mother Lydia Seung Nam, The-Dream went and put a ring on another chick: His new wife LaLaonne Martinez.  Pics and deets inside...

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at102759AM_zps5acd1a0c.png

Hopefully this third marriage will work out for him.  The-Dream posted the above pic of his woman rocking a ring with a wedding band while in a fancy car saying:

THE MRS. I LOVE YOU with my Whole Entire Heart and Spirit, God has blessed me in a Time where any man would feel overcome! God has restored my Heart!


The-Dream also posted pics of his hat and shoes saying, "Grand Day Ahead!"

Supposedly, the wedding went down at San Francisco's City Hall.  She's wearing a white lace & silver sequined dress in the pic, and The-Dream clearly was tux ready with his hat and shoes.

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at104350AM_zps17d72a52.png  photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at104401AM_zpsc2818748.png  photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at102847AM_zps357b1aee.png

We can only imagine what his former wives, Nivea and Christina Milian, think about all of this. 

 photo The-Dream_zpscbe35100.jpg

If this wedding was the real thing (and not a video shoot or something else), Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.


Photos: The-Dream's IG


SNAPSHOTS: Beyoncé Serves Up More Flawless "On The Run" Shoot Pics

Posted: 04 Jul 2014 06:26 AM PDT

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at84058AM_zps7c7aa590.png

The Carters continue to bring the hotness.  In new pics released by a Beyoncé fan site, the twosome are keeping it more glamorous than ever while on the run.  Check 'em inside...

After being named one of the 50 most powerful women in New York, Beyoncé showed up in a sexy new set of pics from the On The Run shoot:

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at84044AM_zps785c639b.png

Bey donned a shimmery, sheer back gown while Jay looked dapper in his tux as they trekked it through the desert together.  And Bey posted more pics from her personal stash:

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at84031AM_zps6cf99984.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-04at83829AM_zps8421529c.png

Cute.  Meanwhile, singer Mya is responding about non-credible rumors she's been cheating with Jay Z.  She said to a fan on Twitter who asked about it:

"Never did, never was, never will. Illegitimate, thirsty sources with no facts and that's the ‘media' for you-especially today. I play second to no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage too much for nonsense."


The Carters rock the stage in Philly tomorrow night at Citizens Bank Park.



1. Happy Sweet 16 Birthday Girl Malia Obama


Photos: @BeyLite/

Source Close To French Montana's Wife -- So He Can Afford To Buy Khloe Kardashian A $50K Car But WON’T Pay For His Son's Schooling?!

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 03:07 PM PDT

 photo french.png

Why is it that French Montana (who is still legally married) can drop $50K on a car for Khloe Kardashian (who clearly doesn’t need it) but allegedly refuses to pay for his son’s schooling? Find out inside…

French Montana and Khloe Kardashian took their relationship to the next level after celebrating Khloe’s 30th birthday recently. The “Ballin Out” rapper bought the “KUWTK” reality star a $50,000 jeep along with a diamond ring and other gifts, totaling $100,000. But when it comes to his 4-year-old son Kruz (below), the rapper allegedly refuses to help pay for his education!

 photo frenchbaby.png

A source close to French’s estranged wife Deen Kharbouch (above) tells RadarOnline, the Moroccan born rapper has refused to pay for his son’s education and all that money he’s spending on the Kardashian chick, he simply does not have.

The source revealed,

“French has purchased a vehicle for someone who doesn’t need it. But he’s insisted that he would not pay for his child to go to school!”

“He’s [not just] blowing his money [but] his wife’s money too!. He’s not a millionaire,” the source insisted. “That’s what he does. He makes other people think he’s on top. He’s a con man. And if the Kardashians are falling for that, that’s his MO.”

So while the “Pop That” rapper is showering KoKo with gifts and trekking the world with her by his side, he allegedly hasn’t seen his son in over six months!

“Kruz has not seen or spoken to his father in over six months. Nor has his father inquired about Kruz’s well being in over six months,” continued the source, adding that the star didn’t call or visit with his little boy on Father’s Day.

You’ll recall French’s estranged wife Deen spoke to Life & Style magazine about her estranged husband’s rumored relationship with the reality TV star saying, “She has to be careful. Things are not what they seem.”

She also confirmed that French abandoned her and their son after he began to garner a little success saying,

“He and I worked together to put him where he is. As soon as he popped, it was as if Kruz and I didn’t exist. He practically abandoned us.”

To further support Deen’s abandonment claims, the source revealed French skipped out on his son’s pre-school graduation and despite living in NYC, he still hasn’t stopped by to see his son.

“Since the fame, he’s been a deadbeat,” the source said, although Montana is up-to-date with all child support obligations. “He also threw a birthday bash for this woman and did not attend his son’s pre-school graduation! His son was the only child without a father present.”

“Reports that were printed that claim French visits his son are complete rubbish,” the source claimed. “Despite French living and being in New York City he has never spent a minute with his child. What you have here is complete abandonment.”

THIS guy....

Photos: French's IG/Deen's IG

TV FAB: Raven Symone GETS CANDID On Gay Marriage Tweet & Transitioning From Child Actor On “Just Keke”

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 01:37 PM PDT

 photo juskeke1.png

Keke Palmer’s new talk show on BET is kicking off with an exclusive during it's premiere week. Raven Symone will appear on today’s show and she’s opening up about her gay marriage tweet and dealing with stereotypes of being a child actor. Find out how Raven is dealing with the public’s opinion of her lifestyle and more inside….

 photo justkekerayven.png

After proudly waving her pride flag on social media, actress Raven Symone is opening up for the first time about the tweet that had everyone asking about her sexuality.

Raven tweeted last August:

 photo gaytweet.jpg


During a video chat on Keke Palmer’s new talk show “Just Keke” (which airs today),  Raven explained why she tweeted her acceptance of gay marriage after legislation was passed to recognize same-sex marriage and how she remains confident in the person she is today. She also opened up about growing up as a child actor and having to deal with the stereotypes that went along with it.

Here are the highlights:

Keke: Now, you sent out a tweet last August saying, “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you.” Now it made news because of course everybody had the question of, Is this Raven coming out? Is this her moment? Do you want to talk about that?

Raven: I’ll just say I love my LGBT community and I’m part of them for always.

Keke: Yes! Yes! Now you know I have to say because coming up as a child actor, working in Disney Channel, all that type of stuff, people have an idea of who and what and how you should be. So when you sent that tweet out, were you expecting that kind of feedback? Were you prepared for it?

Raven: Girl, I sent it because people are raising stupid laws. Period….

Keke: Now when you first got out of “That’s So Raven,” I really wanna ask this question from me too, because, like I said being a child actor people always want to group you up and keep you the same way. Especially with “Akeelah and the Bee,” I feel like “Akeelah and the Bee” is my Urkel ya’ll. I ain’t never gonna live that one down girl. So how was it, when you changed your hair up different than people expected, it’s not “That’s So Raven,” it’s not Raven Baxter, it’s Raven Symone. What was that like? What was the feedback like? How did you learn to silence all of that?

Raven: That’s a tricky question missy. How do I say this correctly without making people angry? You have to be confident in who you are no matter what your team, background noise or front-ground noise makes. You have to stay strong as long as you’re not, ya know, being a drug addict or nothing crazy then you gotta listen. But when you’re just trying to color your hair, stay strong. It’s hard because people want to continue the brand, continue the look that they created to, I’m being honest, they want continue that look that made them money for so long but sometimes it doesn’t always coincide with who you are as a person…

Keke: {Crying} Raven, I mean you make me cry because I look up to you for so long and it means to much to me to sit here and speak to you and even get a second of your time. What you have done for me and every single girl in this room, we can never pay you back, I thank you so much….

Aww.  Check it:

Raven’s episode on “Just Keke” premieres July 3rd 5PM ET/PT on BET.


Photos: BET

AS WE MELT: Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Serve Up Matching Dolce & Gabbana Dresses & Matching Mani-Pedis!

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 12:41 PM PDT

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at120603PM_zpsab4f678a.png

You may have already seen a few Twitpics and Instagram pics of The Carers attending the Kara Walker "Sugar Baby" exhibit in Brooklyn.  But Beyonce just uploaded her own pics....and they are giving us cuteness overload. 


Peep Bey & Blue's matching dresses & matching mani-pedis inside...

When Jay, Bey & Blue went to the Domino Sugar Factory in BK on Father's Day to check out Kara Walker's popular exhibit, mommy & daughter went in style.  The twosome rocked matching Dolce & Gabbana floral dresses.  How cute!

While the baby version is $390 for the dress & bloomer set, the adult version is a whoping $1495.  And they wear them well.

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at120628PM_zpsbc9d53db.png

And they don't stop there with the meatchy-matchy fun.  They copped matching mani pedis as well, and the "Halo" singer gave us a peek at their process:

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at120722PM_zpsb0e39ca6.png  photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at120732PM_zpsf3aa51d0.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at120741PM_zpsc3bcbda4.png


Cute.  And Bey also shared a few other cute snaps:

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at120656PM_zps49c918c5.png  photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at120614PM_zps8ca40379.png 

Awww.  Precious.


Photos: Beyonce's Tumblr

Russell Neal Of Hi-Five IN CUSTODY After Wife Is Found DEAD In Their Home

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 12:14 PM PDT

 photo Hi-Five_AlbumCover_zps82838430.jpg

Remember Hi-Five?  The hit group from the 90's with "Kissing Game" and "Can't Wait Another Minute"?  In shocking news today, Member Russell Neal has just been arrested after his wife was found dead in their home.


Details inside...

 photo HiFive1-620x733_zpse284a27c.jpg

Russell Neal (on far right in pic above) is currently in custody after the Hi-Five singer told the cops himself that his wife was dead inside their apartment.  Interestingly, while being questioned by police, he reportedly revealed he and his wife had an argument....but then he clammed up and demanded a lawyer.

TMZ reports:

Neal apparently told Houston cops he and his wife had gotten into an argument Wednesday ... The singer then reportedly asked for a lawyer and then clammed up.

Neal -- is currently being detained ... no charges have been filed.

Sounds eerily similar to the Michael Jace case.  The group's lead member, Tony Thompson, died in 2007 after inhaling freon.

By the way, the group is still out here performing.  They have an upcoming End Of Summer Soul Jam September 6th in The Bronx and the Throwback Fest in Ontario, CA August 9th.


Drake Falls Ill, CANCELS Wireless Festival Performance Overseas + Jennifer Hudson TITLES Upcoming Album ‘JHUD’

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 10:38 AM PDT

 photo drakejhud.jpg

Drake is currently recovering from an illness. And it has caused him to cancel a few festival performances overseas. Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson has finally revealed the title to her upcoming studio album. Deets inside….

 photo drizzy.jpg

Poor Drizzy.

Drake is currently recovering from an undisclosed illness. And now, under doctor’s orders, he will not be headlining the three-day Wireless Festival in London and Birmingham this weekend.

The "Worst Behavior" rapper sent a message out to his fans via the Wireless Festival’s official website saying,

"To my beloved fans, it truly breaks my heart that I won't be able to perform as planned at Wireless and Roskilde this weekend. I got sick a few days ago and although I am on my way to bouncing back, my doctors have made it clear that I am not physically fit to fly or deliver the performance my fans expect and deserve from me. I will be focused on resting for a quick recovery. I have the best fans in the world and I can't wait to come back to make more incredible memories together."

In an attempt to make up for Drizzy’s absence, Live Nation and the festival organizers have pulled out all the stops to keep fans happy. Kanye West (who was already set to perform) will headline an additional show on Saturday for London fans and Birmingham fans will enjoy an extended set from Rudimental and other acts.

Joining Kanye, Pharrell, Outkast, Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa, and Iggy Azalea are also scheduled to perform at the Wireless Festival.

Hope he’s better before his 2014 ESPYs hosting gig on July 16th!

In other music news....

 photo jhud.jpg

As she gears up to release her third studio album, Jennifer Hudson finally reveals the title to her upcoming LP.  It's JHUD.

After releasing her newest track “It’s Your World” featuring R. Kelly, the “Walk It Out” singer says her new album will give fans a different side of her and will be a very personal experience. In a radio interview with WPGC, the Grammy award-winning singer said

“It’s different expressions of me as an artist, a girl, a music lover,” Hudson told WPGC.

Still no confirmation on the actual date JHUD will be released, but fans can expect to hear it sometime in mid-August.

Are you coppin' it?

Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty

COUPLEDOM: Tyra Banks DINES Out With Boyfriend Erik Asla In Hollywood+ Reggie Bush GRABS Breakfast With Lilt & Briseis + Baron Davis & Wife Isabella Spotted In L.A.

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 09:35 AM PDT

 photo tiet1.jpg

The couples are out. And they’re hungry. Peep candids of Tyra Banks, Reggie Bush and Baron Davis grabbing breakfast and dinner with their significant others inside…

 photo tiet3.jpg

Media mogul Tyra Banks and her photographer boyfriend Erik Asla was in the mood for Mexican, but not just any old Mexican cuisine. The couple dined at vegan Mexican Restaurant Gracias Madre in West Hollywood for a date night.

Bare-faced Tyra was ushered out of the restaurant hand-in-hand with her man as they made their way to their car.

 photo tiet4.jpg

The “America’s Next Top Model” honcho recently landed a brand new talk show on daytime television, The supermodel teamed up with Disney-ABC for her new show and it is expected to debut in 2015.

She said:

“The fire to inspire women and help them to blaze new paths fiercely burns inside of me,” she said.

“I’m excited to be partnering with Disney-ABC to usher in a new era of lifestyle, beauty and entertainment that will inspire women to be the CEO of their lives via honesty, humor and the newest tips and tricks without being intimidating or precious. To my fierce fam of future viewers: I can’t wait to shake up daytime TV together. I have a lot of information to give and still lots to learn. Let’s do it!”

 photo tiet2.jpg

This wiggery.  Ha!

Another couple spotted out-and-about…

 photo tiet7.jpg

Sexy Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush enjoyed an intimate breakfast with his two favorite ladies, his girlfriend (possible fiancée) Lilit Avagyan and his cute daughter Briseis.

The family-of-three was spotted leaving a restaurant café after grubbing on some good eats.

 photo tiet6.jpg

Recently, Reggie and (and Lilt) trekked it to Australia as the face of the NFL’s latest global initiative.

And another couple dining out...

 photo tiet8.jpg

Newlyweds NBA star Baron Davis and his wife Isabella Brewster were spotted leaving Craigs Restaurant in L.A.

Baron and Isabella (whose big sister is Fast And Furious actress Jordana Brewster) tied the knot back in January of this year. The couple never confirmed their nuptials, but Jordana tweeted congratulatory messages to her sister on her big day.


Photos: SPW / Splash News/WEEN/Pacific Coast News 

EYECANDY: Meet TEAM USA Soccer Star Tim Howard!

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 08:34 AM PDT

 photo tumblr_mps1yfMZIr1r83d7lo2_1280_zps73e468e9.jpg

We were never really here for soccer, or the other 'football' if that's what you call it.  That is, until we saw TEAM USA's goal keeper Tim Howard.  Then, we were here for the 2014 World Cup ALL DAY.  Meet the New Jersey-born hottie inside...


There's a very good reason 35-year-old African American/Hungarian soccer star Tim Howard landed one of the covers of the 2014 ESPN Body Issue.  Because his body looks like....this.  And he's ridiculously good with his hands.

 photo espn_2010bww_04_zps6121b6c7.jpg  photo e96ee172f2cf335ca6b984fab9aa93a3_zps57f25b38.jpg

 photo tim-howard1_zps5815df84.jpg

Sheesh.  But it gets better.  Tim blew up all over the internet this week despite TEAM USA's loss to Belgium....because of his record breaking amount of saves.  He's a beast as a goal keeper and stopped 16 goal attempts. 16.  This set a World Cup record for the last 50 years.  Nice!

And yes ladies, he's single!  He and his wife divorced in 2010 after several years of marriage.  And the pro-athlete--who holds a dual American/Hungary citizenship by the way--is a doting dad to their two kids:

 photo Tim-Howard-children_zps9f7817c7.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at92045AM_zps1d23cde8.png   photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at91921AM_zps0995f1de.png

Sweet!  And over on his IG, he loves saluting his own parents: His Hungarian mother Esther and his father Matthew:

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at92130AM_zps3ce5c89a.png   photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at91934AM_zps906a1b2a.png


The big Jay Z & Nas fan has a major passion for getting tatted up.  He even starred in PET's INK Not Mink campaign and often shares the process of him getting his tatts:

 photo Tim-Howard-Ink-Not-Mink_zpse93afe40.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at92001AM_zps8c5addd3.png


And if you need any more reason to like this guy, he has always been open about embracing his Tourette's syndrome, a neurological disorder he has suffered from since childhood. He often works to dispel ignorance about the disorder and was even named MLS Humanitarian of the Year in 2001 for his work with children with Tourette's.  He is also involved with Athletes in Action, a ministry arm of Campus Crusade for Christ

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at91850AM_zpsc4909d73.png  photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at91755AM_zpsbb6089a0.png  photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at91809AM_zpsf95076f6.png

Check out his interview on GMA this week below about becoming a viral sensation!

Congrats to Tim & TEAM USA on an amazing World Cup run!


Photos: ESPN/Tim's IG


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