Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Set Your DVRs! Stephen Colbert Will Be A Guest On Late Show With David Letterman Next Week!

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 12:40 PM PDT

The Late Show desk will belong to Stephen Colbert soon enough, but for next week, he'll just be stopping by for some recon.

Oh, and to talk to David Letterman! Of course! After all, it may be the last time ever!

OK, but he'll definitely be spending a little time sizing up his new digs too. We wonder if he'll actually bring measuring tape and wallpaper swatches!

Or maybe he'll be subtle about it. What? It could happen! Guess we'll just have to tune in on Thursday, April 22nd to find out!

CLICK HERE to see the last time Stephen stopped by to say hi to Dave! Subtle wasn't the word EXACTLY...

[Image via CBS.]

Should Rachel Berry Move On? Ryan Murphy Reveals The Difficulty Inside Finchel's Relationship On Glee

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 12:38 PM PDT

Rachel Berry hasn't had an on-screen love interest since the passing of Finn Hudson and it totally makes sense.

While we all want our leading lady to be happy, Cory Monteith's death hit too close to home for everyone who worked on the set of Glee.

And it was very apparent.

Ryan Murphy confessed that they talk about it all the time, whether or not they should bring in someone to replace Finn Hudson and thankfully they didn't. It's just too soon.

Remember all the confusing feelings we got when we all thought Rachel was moving on with...SAM?!

He revealed they turned to Lea Michele a lot about the touching subject. Ryan said:

We talk about this in the writer's room all the time, and I think that that's, you know, it's a really hard, very painful, very difficult thing for the show. I've said it before with even in Cory's eulogy that that was always the ending of the show for me – these two star-crossed lovers getting together and having a happy ending and them both getting their dreams, so the fact that that can't be is a big pain in all of our hearts. So you know, we have to sort of pause and think, well, what are we going to do with Rachel? So this year what we decided to do was to remove the equation of anybody coming in and taking Finn's place because I don't really think that's possible. And I think that worked out quite well and I really like dwelling on Rachel the careerist again, who's going to be a star no matter what it takes and with her friendships, but as for the future, there's a lot of discussion. And it's something that I think we'll consult with Lea about and to be quite honest, we just haven't been able to crack it, because I feel like it's such a sensitive topic and I think the fans have such an idea about it. I think half of them feel like yes, Rachel should go on, and I think half of them probably feel like no she shouldn't, and I probably think, you know, we'll follow Lea's lead as we have so many times this year. And she's always been so great and so sensitive and been so wise about how to handle that stuff, so we have to make that decision in the next couple weeks if not months. Is Rachel going to have another romance or are we going to end it with her… Does Rachel's second half romantically happen when Glee is over, but that's something we're debating. It's hard.

We can't imagine how difficult that would be.

Sounds like Rachel's love life is once again up in the air, but whatever the outcome, we think the Gleeks of the world will be okay with it!


[Image via Bridow/WENN]

Backstreet Husband! Nick Carter & Lauren Kitt's First Official Wedding Picture Is HERE!

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 12:20 PM PDT

And it's even more gorgeous than we expected!

Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt got hitched this weekend and their very first photo as a married couple proves that they need to get busy making babies, stat! LOLz!

The groom remembered:

"As we're crying at each other and reciting vows, I know in my mind that everyone will be able to realize, 'That's some intense real love right there!'"


Sounds like such a magical day!

Let's just hope the Backstreet Boy uses those boy band moves to seduce his forever lady in the bedroom and make those mini-heartthrobs!

Get to grooving, Nick! HA!

[Image via In Touch Weekly.]

US Airways Tweets Out Photo Of A Naked Woman With A Toy Airplane Shoved Up Her Lady C*ckpit! See The Worst Social Media Gaffe In History HERE!

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 12:15 PM PDT

WARNING: Unless you're the resident gynecologist at a model airplane factory, this post is 100% UNSAFE FOR WORK!

US Airways posted the most obscenely graphic social media gaffe in the history of the internet on Monday. For reasons that are still unclear, the airline's official Twitter account added an incredibly lewd image to one of their tweets -- a photo of a naked woman lying on her back, with her legs spread eagle and pushed behind her head, and a large model airplane shoved so far up her lady parts that you'd think her vajayjay was moonlighting as an airplane hangar!

Wow!! We've flown the Red Eye from El Lay to NYC before, but we'd never heard about the Pink Eye until now!!

Ready to see the alternate ending to Lost craziest pic a major corporation has EVER put on Twitter?

Ch-ch-check out the black box stuffed up a pink box...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Whoa! She loves to fly and it shows!

The offending post was up for HOURS before finally being removed. They replaced it with this apology:

Yikes! We aren't sure if this is some kind of viral marketing scheme, but something tells us it wouldn't work for Virgin American, LOLz!

At any rate, that was the greatest thing to happen to the internet today! Though probably not the greatest thing to happen to that poor woman's vagina!!! Ugh, the landing gear must be sharp!

We wonder if Southwest will try and top them?! *Ding* You are now free to move about the country cooter.

[Image via Twitter/US Airways.]

Chelsea Handler Could Possibly Be Headed For A Show On CBS?! After You See The Picture She Posted, You'll Be SURE Of It!

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 12:13 PM PDT

Ooooooh! It looks like those reports of a CBS show coming for her WERE true!

But how do we know, you ask?

Well, Chelsea Handler took to her Instagram to show off an adorable picture of her dog, Chunk, sitting on her lap (above) but it was something ELSE that gave us the clue!

Look at what's in her hand! Some official looking papers from CBS!

Not only did she have the documents in her grasp, but her caption was pretty telling as well!

She said:

Business meeting. Chunk has been acting like this since I started my tour.

Oooooh! So exciting! But, we have to remember, this could mean a LOT of different things!

She could be in talks to have a guest spot on a show or maybe she's got a pilot in the works too!

But we're just gonna keep hoping that they're in talks for a late night tv show!

There NEEDS to be a woman in that time slot!

You can do it, CBS!!

[Image via Chelsea Handler/Instagram.]

Celebrities Who've Had Tax Troubles!

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 12:01 PM PDT

We're 80% sure a famous historian once observed that there are few things in life as certain as Zac Efron's abs and taxes.

Zefy-Poo's brilliant body was already put on display at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, but now it's April 15th and time to talk taxes!

Even our favorite celebz have to get their shiz together for Tax Day! Or at least they're supposed to, LOLz!!

From Lindsay Lohan to Nic Cage, there are more than a few A-listers who have had their share of IRS issues!

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Had Tax Troubles!"

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Had Tax Troubles!"

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Had Tax Troubles!"

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Had Tax Troubles!"

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Had Tax Troubles!"

[Image via WENN.]

Did Ben Affleck Murder His Wife?! It’s The Question Everyone Will Be Asking After Watching The First Trailer For His New Movie Gone Girl!

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 11:49 AM PDT

Is it too early to start talking Oscar frontrunners?

Because we think we might have our first contender!

Ben Affleck is back to playing a dark, mysterious character in Gone Girl, the highly anticipated adaptation of the best-selling crime novel!

Hooooly smokes. This looks good!

The film is directed by David Fincher, so you KNOW you're going to get some seriously brooding cinema magic!

What makes this first trailer for the movie even more unsettling is the cover of Elvis Costello's She that plays throughout it.

Notting Hill, this movie is not! But it definitely intrigued us even further!

Press PLAY (above) to get your first look at Gone Girl!

Whattaya think?! Did Ben kill his wife??

We can't wait to see this when it hits theaters October 3rd!

Aaron Carter Dishes On Missing His Brother Nick's Wedding Because Of Being Grounded! No, Not THAT Kind Of Grounded!

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 11:40 AM PDT

Airplane travel can be the worst, and in some cases, it can really mess up some big plans!

We reported earlier how Aaron Carter's plane ride to his brother Nick Carter's wedding totally got delayed because of mechanical difficulties, and how he used his free time not in the air to jokingly threaten Justin Bieber.

As a result, his rep had this to say about the unfortunate series of events that led to Aaron missing his bro tying the knot:

"Aaron had a contract to appear at the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. before Nick set his wedding date. Even though he was obligated to fulfill his contract, Aaron still wanted to make the wedding. There was a team of six people who worked to put together a plan to get him to Santa Barbara by the reception so he could at least participate in the celebration. He was on his way when his US Airways plane experienced mechanical difficulties in Pittsburgh and they became grounded there. So he never made it. Aaron was legitimately busting his ass to make it to his brother's wedding. He felt awful and had every intention of being there."

That sounds awful! We know Nick would understand though!

Meanwhile, Aaron posted the above photo on Instagram with this borderline tragic caption:

"Really pissed off that I missed my brothers wedding today.. i hope he doesn't hate me .. I tried to get there... I'm sorry bro @nickcarter#technicalProblems."

Hey, plane delays may seem like a long time, but being a brother lasts forever! Nick doesn't hate you, Aaron!

[Image via Instagram.]

Heather Morris Is On Board For Glee's Season Finale — But Will She Return To Being A Series Regular Until The End??

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 11:22 AM PDT

Brittana fans, get your fondue ready because Heather Morris is totally coming back for Glee!

It has been widely speculated that Brittany would be joining Naya Rivera's Santana in New York for the rest of the series after their tropical vacation!

While HeMo is definitely on board for the season five finale, her status for the final season of the series is still up in the air, according to a source close to the production.

The insider did reveal that the hit show's producers would love to have the dancing beauty back, but it sounds like she's got her hands full with her new baby boy and is loving the time she gets to spend with him!

The evidence? Well, Heather did gush over her son, Elijah, at Glee's 100th episode celebration. She said:

"He's great! I love being a mom. Boys are the greatest, it's so fun."

It sounds like she'd choose her baby over work any day and we don't blame her!

How could you stay away from an adorable bundle of joy?!

Eva Longoria Has A Girly Chat With Ellen DeGeneres About Her Hunky Businessman Boyfriend & Being Maxim's Woman Of The Year!

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 11:11 AM PDT

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to get this actress talking about her current (private) love!

Eva Longoria really opened up about everything on the Oscar host's show this week, revealing small details about her hot and heavy romance with millionaire businessman Jose Antonio Baston.

Not only did Eva chat about how he hates traveling and dresses impeccably---but she also jokingly explained that he gives her dancing advice because her moves are way out of date!

Ch-ch-check out the former Desperate Housewives star chatting about her seXXXy BF, and the challenges of covering Maxim mag (above)!

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