Friday, February 21, 2014

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Ryan Gosling Can Crush Your Dreams Of Being An Actor In 2 Minutes! Watch The Video HERE!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 12:50 PM PST

There's no business like show business like no business we know!

But before any actor hits the big time, they've got to endure some incredible struggle!

Even if you're Ryan Gosling!

As picture perfect as Ry Guy is, he still had to WERK to get to where he is today!

In a new documentary called Seduced and Abandoned, he spilled to fellow actor Alec Baldwin about just how hard it was for him coming up in Hollywood!

And it sounds brutal!

Ryan goes into detail about the experience of being a young actor in El Lay, saying:

"It's filled with all of these like Don Quixote like characters. Everyone's left their families, their homes, their friends, their jobs, their homes, to pursue a dream where they know that the percentage of them achieving that dream is never, and they do it anyway. And everyone has shared the same dream. And no one is sure if it was a premonition or a delusion. And there's only one way to find out."

He gets even MORE candid while talking about the horrors of the auditioning process!

Anyone who is an actor or has ever wanted to be one should DEFINITELY watch this video (below)!

It's not easy work but if it was easy, everyone would do it!

And if you've got what it takes and work hard enough, who knows. You might be the next Ryan Gosling!

Kimora Lee Simmons Is Secretly Married To Her Banker Beau, But Who Spilled The Beans Is Even Crazier!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 12:39 PM PST

Secret weddings all over the place!

As if Leighton Meester and Adam Brody pulling off the big surprise wasn't enough, Kimora Lee Simmons has done it as well.

The fashion mogul is married to her banker baby Tim Leissner!

Rumors had apparently been spreading about Kimora possibly getting cozy with Birdman, but those were quickly put out as her relationship status with the Goldman Sachs senior level investment banker was upped.

And that lil' secret was spilled on Twitter by someone who most def knows Kimora:

Oooh! Her ex confirming her new relationship??

We LUV it!

Although, we wouldn't mind Kimora confirming it herself by showing off a GIANT ring we're just sure is sitting pretty on her supermodel finger!

[Image via WENN.]

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Sweet Love Finally Shines With Her Cleavage Under Wraps!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 12:21 PM PST

Sometimes those tatas are just straight up distracting!

Kim Kardashian usually shows off her fabulously full cleavage, and we ALWAYS appreciate it, but sometimes it's a-OK to tuck it away.

And when she stepped out last night in New York after a photo shoot with her boobage under wraps, we noticed something else beautiful!

Her loving affection with Kanye West!

The two held hands like a couple of young lovers during the outing. It's just too presh seeing these lovebirds happy together!

Although, Yeezy did try to steal the spotlight from their hottie hands by rocking his hip style with a scarf wrapped all around the bottom half of his face.

But in this battle, PDA wins!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

Kylie Minogue Dives Into The Gym For A Priceless Performance This Lucky Fan Will Never Forget!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 12:11 PM PST

What an AH-MAZING surprise!

We can't believe Adam didn't faint from all the hawtness in the room! LOLz!

Kylie Minogue teamed up with MasterCard to pricelessly surprise one of her biggest fans at the gym and boy, it was such a precious surprise!

The singer mentioned in the video that she has never performed her song Into the Blue live yet, so that just makes this whole situation all that much more perfect!!

We are just green with envy! Take a look at the adorableness in the video (above)!

Howard Stern Interview Costs Mel Gibson’s Ex-Wife $375K After She Said WHAT About Her Ex?!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 12:01 PM PST

This is almost as outrageous as Mel Gibson himself!

Oksana Grigorieva, the ex-wife of the Lethal Weapon actor, is losing out on the last installments of their divorce settlement, all because of an interview she gave Howard Stern!

After being physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by Mel (how can anyone forget those phone recordings?), Oksana got out of their marriage just in time!

But part of their split was a confidentiality agreement, which a judge has ruled Miz Grigorieva broke by blabbing about Mel on the radio!

She agreed not to say ANYTHING about her former hubby in public. So what big secrets did she spill to Howard?

Um…pretty much NOTHING!

During her interview, it was pretty much Howard who said anything bad about Mel. Oksana remarked at one point that he was just too painful to even talk about and kept her mouth shut!

Howard also told Oksana that a woman should never be treated the way Mel treated her, to which she replied:

"Thank you."



Mel and Oksana had a $750,000 settlement between them, but the court has decided she no longer deserves the last installments, which equal $375K!

She's now filed for bankruptcy!

Our advice to Oksana: now that you won't be getting your money, start spilling ALL the dirt on Mel!

Write a book!

Make a movie!

And of course, get back on Howard and tell him EVERYTHING!

[Images via WENN and Facebook.]

Could We Get 55 States In The Union?! This Plan Could Literally Change All U.S. Maps Forever!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 11:50 AM PST

Could California be broken into six states?

It could if Tim Draper gets his way. The venture capitalist is pushing for a ballot initiative that would break the Golden State into six smaller states! He says:

"Vast parts of our state are poorly served by a representative government...

[They] would be better served by six smaller state governments."

Mr. Draper thinks California is so big it's ungovernable. He makes an interesting point. Not even Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to fix the state's financial problems.

But does the measure have a chance of passing? It seems unlikely, especially given that proud, voting Californians will be asked to concede that their state is a failure. Political analyst Matt David says:

"California is as diverse geographically as it demographically, but ultimately we all take pride in the fact that we are Californians. Diluting that identity between six states will never happen."

Besides, all those maps would have to be redrawn, and we'd have to figure out how it would affect the national election process. It sounds pretty complicated.

And seeing as it takes months of paperwork to put in a backyard pool, we're guessing it won't be happening any time soon.

Alexander Skarsgård Heats Up The South Pole With More Almost Naked Pictures! See His Revealing Pic HERE!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 11:39 AM PST

....And we're not complaining!!!

Yet another eXXXtra sexy, charming, nekked snap has been found from Alexander SkarsgÄrd's trip to the South Pole late last year!

We already saw him stripping for the seXXXiest toilet squat like ever and now a new pic shows the True Blood star's chiseled, god-like bod on full display in the cold.

As if his pecs weren't enough pleasure, the yarn beard he rocks shows he has a golden personality to match.

The temperatures might've been freezing, but we're sure his lady companions on the charity trek warmed up just looking at him!


...we'll leave you to drool in private now. LOLz!

[Image via Splash News.]

Rihanna Accused Of Slamming Gays On Instagram! Her Navy's Pissed, But Do They Really Have A Reason To Be Mad?!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 11:16 AM PST

Well, this is not a good way to spend your birthday week.

But alas, Rihanna is dealing with some serious fire for her birthday, and we're not talking about there being too many candles on her cake.

Instead, it's been reported that she allegedly slammed a fan on Instagram and did it in a downright nasty way.

Her fan, @benvoy, posted a message on her birthday cake pic that said:

"Rihanna u going to hell girl@badgalriri"

A pic then surfaced from that Instagram with an alleged reply (which has since been deleted) from her that said:

"Arnt u gay? … Nuff said blah!"

And that implication of gays going to hell reportedly from her is BAD! And it pissed her Navy off…as it should piss off anyone!

However, there's more to the story because the original commenter then released this little tidbit on his Instagram:

We guess it was all one big misunderstanding??

We sure hope so because RiRi has most def been supportive of the gay community in the past. And helloooo, let's not forget she was happily involved in that Shakira music video!

But we have a feeling this isn't the end of the mystery!

Hottie Alert! Kellan Lutz Flashes A Smile But No Bod While Leaving His Twilight Co-Star Ashley Greene's Birthday Party!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 11:08 AM PST

Aww! Looks like someone had a good time at Ashley Greene's birthday party!

Kellan Lutz was spotted leaving the West Hollywood nightclub where the former Twilight actress held her 27th birthday party and he looked adorable as EVER!

The Hercules actor and all-around hunk flashed an apologetic smile, as if he knew everyone would rather see him without a shirt on.

We mean, that would obviously make a lot of people very happy. But, let's be real, shirt or not, we could stare at him all day!

PLUS, at least when he DOES wear clothes, they're eco-friendly!

Hot AND goes green for the environment!?!


[Image via AKM-GSI.]

Lookie At Loki! Tom Hiddleston Sports A Band-Aid On His Head… But WHY?! The Answer On How The Heartthrob Ended Up With The Boo-Boo Will Surprise You!

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 10:51 AM PST

OH NOz!! Who would dare do this!!

Tom Hiddleston won the esteemed title of Elle UK's Man Of The Year and while he couldn't pick up the award in person, he sent an ADORABLE video to thank the mag!

Except in the video, Loki is sporting a prominently displayed band-aid on his forehead!

What ever could have happened!

Did he get into a fight with Thor? Beat up a bear? Save a damsel in distress?!?!

Unfortunately it is none of these things!

Tom had a pretty nasty fight with....a door! LOLz!!

It seems that on completing his role in the Coriolanus show, he leaned down to pick up his bag of goodies when someone opened a door into his head!

Poor baby!

Even though it IS kind of what injured him, don't forget to ch-ch-check out the trailer for Tom's Coriolanus performance...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Well, if he can act through such a violent show, he can totally deal with a little cut on his forehead! LOLz!!

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