Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Young, Black, and Fabulous

The Young, Black, and Fabulous

John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Serena Williams & More At The DirecTV Beach Bowl at Pier 40

Posted: 02 Feb 2014 07:55 AM PST

 photo johnslsdjdfjf.png

John Legend, Serena Williams and Deion Sanders were among the YBF celebs at 2014 DirecTV Beach Bowl. Pics inside....

 photo SerenaWilliamsDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlncEhh0ZMInMl.jpg

Serena Williams was spotted at Pier 40 for DIRECTV's 8th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl in NYC.

 photo SerenaWilliamsDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowl7C2GjWyBonal.jpg

 photo SerenaWilliamsDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlmktE9GT5RVGl.jpg

 photo SerenaWilliamsDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlM2ULwSLMtlFl.jpg

Serena did a round of interviews, and we spotted her chatting with AJ Calloway and Deion Sanders.

 photo JohnLegendDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlArrivalsmKXBeJnwoMwl.jpg

John and Chrissy Teigen were there.  

 photo RocsiDiazDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlGamekwvhoSAB2Lrl.jpg

Rocsi was there.

 photo JohnLegendDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlGameHLid9QnDlTpl.jpg

 photo JohnLegendDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlGameMc_32s1m4Rvl.jpg

 photo KevinFrazierDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlPvLYEZSno3ll.jpg

John and Chrissy proved there weren't afriad to break a sweat.  

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlArrivalsz2wZVmUy2uul.jpg

TV personality Alicia Quarles played in the games.

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlArrivalsUo2ME6sIanvl.jpg

Deion Sanders smiled for the camera.

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlGame6SQMrmLotrDl.jpg

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlArrivalsleSNESmvIIvl.jpg

AJ Calloway played in the games. 

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlArrivalsuTMbj1EBaczl.jpg

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlGame17Htoc0UyGil.jpg

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlArrivalsvBq0hPu9Vffl.jpg

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlArrivalsQtosWQ3OSDNl.jpg

Michael B. Jordan posed with Rocsi.

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlArrivalsthGJAs6E87Ol.jpg

 photo AliciaQuarlesDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowljQbwXSfX7hwl.jpg

Alicia got "serious" with Tracy Morgan.

 photo DirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlGamePvLYEZSno3ll.jpg

Newsman Kevin Frazier played in the games.  

 photo JohnLegendDirecTVCelebrityBeachBowlGameWu0dtjnK5oKl.jpg

John Legend's team "Finest" beat out Chrissy's "Bravest" team winning (35-28).


Photos via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images North America






IN CONCERT: Beyonce Gets "Drunk In Love" With Jay Z At DirectTV's SUPER Saturday Night Party

Posted: 02 Feb 2014 06:25 AM PST

 photo beyjdhfhf.png

Beyonce surprised fans with a performance of "Drunk In Love" during Jay Z's headlining gig at DirecTV's SUPER Saturday Night Party.

 photo beyj9.jpghttp://; background-position: 0px -304px;" class="TB_Button_Image" src="" /> photo beyj8.jpg

A few weeks ago we hinted at Beyonce joining Jay Z when he headlined DirectTV's Saturday Night Party co-hosted by Mark Cuban and Eli Manning.....and it totally happened last night!  

 photo beyj10.jpg

Jigga's set lasted more than an hour, including, "Holy Grail", "Tom Ford", "Big Pimpin'" and "99 Problems."

 photo beyj5.jpg

Around 12:50am, during his set at New York's Pier 40 stadium, Jay Z asked the crowd, "Any sexy ladies in New York City tonight! I said, Any sexy ladies in New York City tonight?"

 photo beyj7.jpg

 photo beyj2.jpg

Then....Baddie Bey appeared. The two performed "Drunk In Love" and ended the song with a hug and kiss.

 photo beyj11.jpg

Bey wore a Roberto Cavalli dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

 photo beyj4.jpg

As she exited, Jay said, "All hail to the queen. Make some noise for Queen Bey!" 

 photo beyj1.jpg

In other Bey news, she has fired her manager and will now handle her own affairs (along with Jay's help) through her Parkwood Entertainment company.


On Facebook, Beyonce shared a few photos (pre-approved from Parkwood Entertainment) from last night.

 photo beyj16.jpg  photo beyj15.jpg  photo beyj18.jpg  photo BfdfAaPCUAAhxvd.jpg

Beyonce will also be updating her Facebook page with Black History Facts all month.


Watch Beyonce & Jay Z "Drunk In Love":

The concert will be rebroadcast on DirecTV's Audience Network today at 10 amET.



Photos via Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for DirecTV


Diddy ROCKS Pharrell's Hat + Drake TATTOOS His Father's MUGSHOT

Posted: 01 Feb 2014 12:45 PM PST

 photo 2e13a52a8ad911e386140ae5d6e0400e_8.jpg

Diddy posed with Pharrell's infamous Grammy hat. See the pic inside along with Drake's new tattoo.

Diddy had a little funny with Pharrell yesterday, posing with the hat he rocked at the Grammy's.  He tweeted, "Ladies and gentlemen I found the world famous hat and it's mine now! I'm gonna wear it everywhere I go for the next 10 days!!! Lol Thanks to @pharrell !!!"

We're going to keep an eye on Diddy to see if he really wears the hat for ten days!



In new tattoos.....

 photo drake-father-tattoo.jpg

Drake has a new tattoo!  He visited Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in West Hollywood where Dr. Woo inked a mugshot of Drizzy's father, Dennis Graham, on his arm.  Drake's dad was impressed. He tweeted, “This means the world to me, my baby,” he tweeted.

Here's the original....

 photo drake-father-mug-shot.jpg


Photos via Drake's Instagram/Diddy's IG

PARTY ROUNDUP: Mary J. Blige, Victor Cruz, Chanel Iman & More At NYC Super Bowl Parties

Posted: 01 Feb 2014 10:38 AM PST

 photo amajrewkss3.png

We have another round up of Super Bowl parties with some of your favorite celebs.  See Mary J Blige, Chanel Iman, Victor Cruz and others inside....

 photo MaryJBlige2014ShapeMenFitnessSuperkbmhZkN5UGhl.jpg

SHAPE Magazine covergirl Mary J Blige attended the Super Bowl XLVIII Party Hosted By Shape And Men's Fitness at Cipriani 42nd Street.

 photo MaryJBligeSuperBowlXLVIIIPartyHostedZjJ_5GPQ0GAl.jpg

 photo MaryJBligeSuperBowlXLVIIIPartyHosted0IPnke28h9Al.jpg

Mary also hit the stage to perform.

 photo 2014ShapeMenFitnessSuperBowlPartyBgI3c6KAyDxl.jpg

 photo ChanelImanSuperBowlXLVIIIPartyHostedSQJo7BLleYil.jpg

Model and covergirl Chanel Iman was a vision in white.

 photo TysonBeckford2014ShapeMenFitnessSuper26oSmrp4FpFl.jpg

Tyson Beckford also struck a pose. 

 photo 2014ShapeMenFitnessSuperBowlPartyJAfPLFamX1el.jpg

  photo JohnLegendSuperBowlXLVIIIPartyHostedEThoyQDa1MQl.jpg 

 photo JohnLegendSuperBowlXLVIIIPartyHostedfsQQytVzEL-l.jpg

John Legend performed for the audience.  His wife Chrissy Teigen attended. 

  photo JohnLegendSuperBowlXLVIIIPartyHostedOUqH57CI4NLl.jpg 

They posed with Stacy Keibler and Petra Nemcova.

 photo BridgetKelly2014ShapeMenFitnessSuperKtGSczZ4tO_l.jpg

Singer Bridget Kelly wore blue velvet.

 photo 2014ShapeMenFitnessSuperBowlPartyCgNeRI7HM7yl.jpg

Actor Terry Crews (who we'll see in a huge Super Bowl ad) attended with his wife Rebecca. 



At another party.....

 photo TerryCrewsGQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredIljcpSCjzRBl.jpg

Terry and Rebecca were spotted at the GQ Super Bowl Party 2014 at the Boom Boom Room.

 photo GQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredPatronpVp3rMhu8Zkl.jpg

 photo TerryCrewsGQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredMJvtn0vmw3jl.jpg

Terry chatted with Michael B. Jordan.

 photo GQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredPatronRwNlZrqqznMl.jpg

NFL star Vernon Davis struck a pose.

 photo GQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredPatron3BTviybNSPtl.jpg

Chris Bosh came bundled up.

 photo GQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredPatronhi_EFpcr-6pl.jpg

Jessica White showed off her amazing figure.

 photo VictorCruzGQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredZcYd6guEuvUl.jpg

  photo VictorCruzGQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredqDJj0F5ycirl.jpg

Terry and Rebecca posed with Victor Cruz and his fiancee Elaina Watley.

 photo GQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredPatronYXevTlnMeZsl.jpg

 photo GQSuperBowlParty2014SponsoredPatronx-kk0KjIQ2fl.jpg

Terry also chatted with Colin Kaepernick.



 photo InsideSuperBowlGospelCelebration7dz3wJROE7kl.jpg

 photo SuperBowlGospelCelebrationShowXWgPLyc1t9-l.jpg

Mary Mary performed at the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration 2014.

 photo WendyWilliamsInsideSuperBowlGospelCelebrationpzg8OQTRpAzl.jpg

 photo SuperBowlGospelCelebrationShowoR8hPIhfpHfl.jpg

Wendy Williams and A. J. Calloway spoke onstage at the event, held at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

 photo SuperBowlGospelCelebration2014ShowXi-Gb1on53Al.jpg

Donnie McClurkin and Doug E. Fresh has jokes.

 photo TamelaMannSuperBowlGospelCelebration6Mf1Inh9eGUl.jpg

 photo InsideSuperBowlGospelCelebrationfP9ZqnccocYl.jpg

Sherri Shepherd posed with David and Tamela Mann.

 photo JesseJacksonSuperBowlGospelCelebrationZ4TCHTmWKunl.jpg

  photo SuperBowlGospelCelebrationShowEIEjQ-Mva8Xl.jpg  photo JesseJacksonInsideSuperBowlGospelCelebrationdPXQA1cvzaRl.jpg

Donnie McClurkin and Reverend Jesse Jackson posed with Executive Vice President and General Manager of Centric Paxton Baker.

  photo PattiLaBelleSuperBowlGospelCelebrationyY3adpeB-vql.jpg  photo PattiLaBelleSuperBowlGospelCelebrationOrWR5Oi9VUHl.jpg

"American Idol" winner Candice Glover sang with Patti Labelle


Photos via Getty Images

BUSTED? French Montana, Jadakiss & Chinx Drugz REPORTEDLY Arrested In NYC + Jerry Springer INTERVIEWS Rick Ross & French Montana

Posted: 01 Feb 2014 09:42 AM PST

 photo photo-630x1118.jpg

French Montana and Jadakiss were reportedly arrested last night.  See an "arrest" pic inside and watch Rick Ross kick it with Jerry Springer.

Rappers French Montana, Jadakiss, and Chinx Drugz were reportedly arrested at a pre-SuperBowl party last night.

Miss Info tweeted about the arrest, hinting that the "Hip Hop Cops" were out to cause trouble.

"FREE @FrencHMonTanA! FREE @ChinxMusic! FREE @TheRealKiss!! #SuperBowl #HipHopProfiling

Yo! All these corporations want rappers to shine at their #SuperBowl parties, but the #hiphop cops are out tying everyone up. SMH."

While details are sketchy, the three were allegedly cuffed at Funkmaster Flex and Cipha Sounds' Tunnel Party being held at B.B. Kings in New York City.  

Before the arrest......

French and Rick Ross did an impromptu interview with Jerry Springer about their Rolex watches and Rick's dreams of being on The Jerry Springer Show.



Photo via Twitter/Rap Radar

SUPER BOWL PARTIES: Tika Sumpter, Solange, Colin Kaepernick & More PARTY Before KICK OFF In NYC

Posted: 01 Feb 2014 07:54 AM PST

 photo dfhfddrfddd.png

Tons of celebs hit the party scene last night as New York City preps for the Super Bowl.  See Tika, Solange, Colin and more out and about...

 photo ESPNThePartyArrivalsAVsEZhycSL9l.jpg

Tika Sumpter showed off her gorgeous legs last night when she strutted down the red carpet at Basketball City - Pier 36 on South Street for the ESPN party.  We're so excited for Tika!  She's become one of Hollywood's most recognizable faces because of Ride Along's box office success.

 photo RobinThickeESPNPartyArrivals-Y4qif6TNd0l.jpg

 photo ESPNThePartyInsideG-6N1Gb2ptTl.jpg

"Blurred Lines" crooner Robin Thicke walked the red carpet and performed a medley of hits for the crowd.

 photo DeseanJacksonESPNPartyArrivalsGsEoneTfO55l.jpg

Fresh from his cohosting gig on "The View", Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson was there. 

 photo ESPNThePartyArrivalsnRBW6CS_VaAl.jpg

"106 & Park" host Bow Wow was on the scene.

 photo ESPNThePartyInsideO9Rx-WeYy8Tl.jpg

 photo MelyssaFordESPNPartyArrivals-HmsencpV-2l-1.jpg

"Blood Sweat And Heels" star Melyssa Ford showed off the body that made her a household name.

 photo ESPNThePartyInsideaROjuWOaFHWl.jpg

Grammy nominee Kendrick Lamar performed songs from good kid, m.A.A.d city.

 photo ESPNThePartyInsidedzGCKeKIiD9l.jpg 

Jermaine Dupri kept the folks dancing.

 photo ESPNThePartyInsiderMDPUWT1xCsl.jpg

Teyana Taylor was there, sporting her fly girl swag. 

 photo ESPNThePartyArrivalsQPrSf-Hw-dbl.jpg

"I Got It" singer Ashanti was there.  She's expected to finally release Braveheart this year.

 photo ESPNThePartyArrivalsyvkXDaFR859l.jpg

NY Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia posed with wife Amber Sabathia.

  photo ESPNThePartyArrivalsxdN5g2efd07l.jpg 

Coco and Ice T were there.

 photo ESPNThePartyArrivalsWkA7U0ERSWrl.jpg 

Spike Lee is working on a new vampire flick, Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus, which he financed with Kickstarter.

 photo ESPNThePartyArrivalsOPJ92U4wuXml.jpg

"The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd rocked a pair of short shorts.

 photo ESPNThePartyArrivalsS_U0xgs4Pysl.jpg

"Mike & Molly" star Holly Robinson Peete struck a pose. 


At Marquee......

 photo ColinKaepernickBeatsDrDreSpecialEvent6Ke5DVL_EGnl.jpg

Sexy San Francisco 49ers star Colin Kaepernick is in town for the games.  He partied at the Beats By Dr. Dre special event at Marquee.

 photo LeBronJamesBeatsDrDreSpecialEventMarqueeXumQP9cCDDZl.jpg

NBA MVP LeBron James was there. 

 photo BeatsDrDreSpecialEventMarqueeNewYork9S0YTOJ9XqQl.jpg  

At the ESPN party, Kendrick Lamar headed over to Marquee where he posed with Estelle.

 photo BeatsDrDreSpecialEventMarqueeNewYorkg-BF0IOGPxAl.jpg

NY Knicks star J.R. Smith posed with NY Giants star Victor Cruz.

 photo BeatsDrDreSpecialEventMarqueeNewYorkKICkxJVmE6rl.jpg

Rick Ross was in the building.


At the Bud Light Hotel Lounge.... 

 photo PlayboyPartyBudLightHotelLoungeInsideBrdnRxeHJnal.jpg

 photo NellyPlayboyPartyBudLightHotelLoungeF50jPGDLy1Jl.jpg

 photo PlayboyPartyBudLightHotelLoungeInsideKgFCXybJ8S3l.jpg

Nelly and Tyler Hubbard performed during The Playboy Party at The Bud Light Hotel Lounge.

 photo MelanieFionaPlayboyPartyBudLightHotelzcW7vU1dqInl.jpg

Melanie Fiona wore the bunny ears.

 photo TayeDiggsPlayboyPartyBudLightHotelLounge9R6gHeiU6RRl.jpg

 photo BuffaloDavidBittonPlayboyPartyBudLightbUBZGzhaonMl.jpg

Taye Diggs showed off his pearly whites.

   photo PlayboyPartyBudLightHotelLoungeInsidePeZ9QiRITMXl.jpg

He posed with Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenburg.

 photo BuffaloDavidBittonPlayboyPartyBudLighteLQs2vMvSewl.jpg  photo BuffaloDavidBittonPlayboyPartyBudLight3aZThtgTJ04l.jpg 

Former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield is in town.

 photo SolangeKnowlesBuffaloDavidBittonPlayboyeJps4FXXHBUl.jpg  photo SolangeKnowlesPlayboyPartyBudLightHotelDVVE_5Q2mWul.jpg  photo SolangeKnowlesBuffaloDavidBittonPlayboymiRgkoxglycl.jpg

Solange Knowles flew into NYC from New Iberia, LA where she's been working on her upcoming album.



Photos via  Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America/ Michael Loccisano/Getty Images North America/Noam Galai/Getty Images North America


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