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The Young, Black, and Fabulous

The Young, Black, and Fabulous

Tatyana Ali Re-Introduces Herself To The World & Performs On "Arsenio" + Nas Set To Drop "Illmatic XX" For Anniversary Year!

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 08:12 AM PST

 photo tatlodin_zps25472874.jpg

Tatyana Ali is back ont he music scene and re-introducing herself to the world.  Check out her performance on "Arsenio" last night and what she had to say about her tv dad's passing.  Plus, Nas is celebrating 20 years of Illmatic with another album.  Deets inside...



Cutie Tatyana rolled to the "Arsenio" show last night.  And she explained why her new EP Hello is all about re-introducing herself to the public and also to herself. And she also talked about her tv dad James Avery's passing. Check out her interview above, plus her performing one of her fun songs "Wait For It".


And look who else is re-introducing himself via his debut album:

 photo 0ef4ce988dbe11e3ad641268d80c0248_8_zps1f0828b3.jpg

Mr. Nasir Jones.  Since it's been 20 years since his debt hit album Illmatic tbecame an instant classic in the Hip Hop game, Nas is re-releasing it in a major way. He posted the above cover, a remixed version of the original, saying:

#IllmaticXX - TIME FLY's. Never thought i'd be making music this long. Appreciate the fans and the love. 2014 is the year of Illmatic XX. Album rerelease 4/15/2014! 20 years! WOW!

So on April 15th, the double disc album will include the re-mastered original album, as well as demos and live radio. 

Nas is also celebrating by rocking with the Kennedy Center Symphony on March 29th in D.C.  Hot!


Bernice King RESPONDS To Lawsuit Brought By Her Brothers & The MLK Estate & The Sale Of Father's Nobel Peace Prize!

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 07:38 AM PST

 photo DSCN5127.jpg

The surviving children of Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King are at war over the sale of Dr. King's Bible and Nobel Peace Prize Medal. Read Bernice King's statement about the lawsuit and preserving the MLK legacy inside...

As we celebrate Black History Month (which should actually be an EVERYDAY occurrence), it's unfortunate that the surviving children of Dr. King and Coretta (Martin III, Dexter and Bernice) are at war.  Again.

Apparently, the MLK estate is cash-strapped and the brothers (representing the estate) has decided to sue Bernice.  They want Bernice to relinquish possession of Dr. King's Bible (the same Bible that President Barack Obama used to take his oath) and his Nobel Peace Prize so they may be sold to a private collector.  Their lawsuit claims that the items that Martin Luther King Jr.’s heirs assigned their rights to property inherited from the civil rights icon to the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. Inc. in 1995 and Bernice King has “secreted and sequestered” the medal and Bible in violation of that agreement. Got that?

Bernice King is upset about the lawsuit and released this statement,

On January 20, as we observed my father’s 85th birthday and The King Holiday, my brothers, Dexter Scott King and Martin Luther King, III, notified me that they want to sell to a private buyer our father’s most prized possessions, his Nobel Peace Prize Medal and his personal Bible which was used by President Barak Obama as he was sworn in for his second term in office and subsequently signed by him. I am absolutely opposed to the selling of these extremely sacred items and I expressed my opposition to my brothers. Although these items have been under my care and custody for the past few years, they have remained in a safe and secure location since my father’s assassination, and my mother’s death in 2006. After I refused to immediately transfer these items to another location at their request, consequently on January 31 my brothers through The Estate of Martin L. King, Jr., Inc filed a lawsuit {Civil Action No. 2014cv241929} to force me to turn these items over for the express purpose of selling them. In my opinion, there is no justification for selling either of these sacred items. They are priceless and should never be exchanged for money in the marketplace.

While I love my brothers dearly, this latest decision by them is extremely troubling. Not only am I appalled and utterly ashamed, I am frankly disappointed that they would even entertain the thought of selling these precious items. It reveals a desperation beyond comprehension. As Mark 8:36 teaches, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Our Father MUST be turning in his grave.

As a minister of the Gospel, the thought of selling my daddy’s Bible troubles my mind, vexes my spirit and weighs on my soul. The thought of profiting from the sale of the Peace Prize Medal, which my father accepted 50 years ago this year on behalf of the greatest demonstration of peace this nation has ever seen, is spiritually violent, unconscionable, historically negligent, and outright morally reprehensible. This is especially true in light of the fact that my father gave away every dime of the Nobel award money to support the civil rights movement.

My brothers’ decision to sue me is drastic and grieves me greatly. I have absolutely no desire to be in court or to fight yet another public battle. There are crippling questions plaguing our world and our father had many answers. Our energy should be focused on the business of advancing his nonviolent teachings in the world. Nonetheless, some actions are sacrilegious and some things are not for sale no matter the circumstances, including my daddy’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize Medal. Both are tangible evidence of the faith and devotion of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Parting with this priceless memorabilia should not be an option.

Though I am unsettled at the prospect of losing these treasures, I am steadfast in my strength to protect them. I continue to pray for my brothers, especially that they will recognize that no amount of money can compensate for the priceless inheritance we received from our parents and our responsibility to advancing their legacies.



Speak on it.  Can a price be put on the legacy and possessions of Dr. Martin Luther King...if the family is in need of money?



Photo via Maria Sapora


Ashanti Drops Another Album Cover + Pharrell Gears Up For Oscar Performance + Jason Derulo's "Stupid Love" Video

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 06:48 AM PST

 photo ashanti-braveheart-cover_zpsba20c3ae.jpg

Ashanti just released yet another cover for her upcoming album Braveheart.  Check it inside, plus a new video from Jason Derulo and news about Pharrell....

She previously released a different cover, but now, a new version of Ashanti's Braveheart album just hit Amazon.  It's giving us fragrance ad-tease, but it's pretty nonetheless.

The upcoming album, which will supposedly be released early 2014, will likely feature Rick Ross, Future, R. Kelly, Beenie Man, and Busta Rhymes.


Jason Derulo has a new cutesy video just in time for Valentine's Day.  His single "Stupid Love" got the romantic video treatment (sans girlfriend Jordin Sparks), all shot by Gil Green.  And it's the latest visual off his album Tattoos out now.  Check it below:

Jordin did comment about the vid saying, "This song is so heartfelt. Took my breath away when @jasonderulo 1st played it for me."  Awwww.


 photo la-na-nn-pharrell-williams-oscars-20140204-001_zpsae38e697.jpg

And there's big news for Pharrell.  Fresh of his new track "Move The Dope" with Future and Pusha T, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Tuesday that Oscar nominee Skateboard P will be performing at this year's Academy Awards.

P and his park ranger hat will be performing his nominated song (in the Best Original Song category) "Happy", which was written and produced for the animated film Despicable Me 2.

It all goes down March 2nd at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.  Good Luck Pharrell!


The Randomness:

1.  Prince traveled to London last night to perform a secret his singer friend's living room!  It was all to test out new material. STORY


Photo: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

DEEP SIGH: DMX Gearing Up For Boxing Match With George Zimmerman! [UPDATED]

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 06:11 AM PST

 photo DMX-GZ.jpg

Rapper DMX will be hitting the ring with George Zimmerman for a celebrity boxing match.  Weigh in on this ish inside....

In a desperate act to make money, Georger Zimmerman, who was found NOT GUILTY of murdering Trayvon Martin, will participate in a celebrity boxing match against DMX. George named plenty of celebs (who were mostly black men) whom he wanted to box.  Let that sink in.

When celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman first announced plans to bring George to the ring, he received 15,000 applicants whom all wanted to put a pounding on George. DMX emerged as the winner. But is it really a win?

DMX told TMZ, "I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up." TMZ reports he then said he's literally piss on George's face.

The match will last 3 rounds, and reports say 30-year-old Zimmerman has been training pretty hard for months. Meanwhile, 43-year-old DMX has only been known for getting arrested the past few months.  

George will reportedly have security on hand to prevent anyone from "getting out of hand".

The date, time, and location of the fight will be announced at a news conference next Wednesday.  Is this a train wreck we're all waiting to watch?  Not us.

By the way, today would have Trayvon's 19th birthday.

[UPDATE] There is now a petition floating around to "Stop George Zimmerman and Promoter Damon Feldman from using murder & racial hate in America for Profit".

Now that you are aware of the boxing match with "objective" information, we encourage folks to sign this.  The text is below and you can sign HERE.

Celebrity Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman & George Zimmerman are attempting to promote and profit off of racial tensions in America.
Damon Feldman has been known for fixing fights and taking short cuts in the past in bypassing state requirements for fighters to obtain a license to box.
Mr Feldmans past should be highly considered in this regard if Feldman is not going through the proper channels to ensure the safety of the participants it puts lives at risk.
in addition the entire idea of this event is to use racial tensions to lure people in to purchase the event. this will only hurt America as it will continue to stir up racial tensions that have been on going in this nation for quite some time.
No Promoter or Celebrity Boxer should ever be allowed to use racial tension to profit.




The Randomness:  

1.  "Saturday Night Live" star Kenan Thompson and his wife Christina Evangeline are 4 months pregnant! Story.  


Kevin Hart & Regina Hall PROMOTE "About Last Night" On GMA, Attend NYC Premiere

Posted: 04 Feb 2014 03:07 PM PST

 photo atle4-1.jpg

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are in NYC promoting their film "About Last Night."  See pics from "GMA" and the NYC screening inside....

 photo alte-1.jpg  photo atle3-1.jpg

Regina Hall and Kevin Hart were seen heading into Times Square studios, earlier today, where they taped a "GMA" segment with Lara Spencer.

 photo atle1-1.jpg

Their romantic comedy, also starring Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant, opens on Valentine's Day.



 photo LastNightNewYorkScreeningSC9X3Lvawlel.jpg

Kevin also attended a NYC screening of the film last night.

 photo LastNightNewYorkScreeningw4p22OAf2L-l.jpg

"The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd was there.

 photo LastNightNewYorkScreeningCBdr1-9VrObl.jpg

The "Chocolate Drop" posed with the film's producer Will Packer.

 photo anl1.jpg

We're so excited about the film.  See you in the theaters....


Photos via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America/Fortunata / Splash News

SPOTTED: Reggie Bush & Lilit Avagyan BUYING A Car Seat + Nene & Gregg Leakes On "Access Hollywood Live"

Posted: 04 Feb 2014 02:28 PM PST

 photo rte2.jpg 

Reggie Bush and his fiancee Lilit were spotted shopping in Beverly Hills.  Find out where they went inside and see Nene and Gregg Leakes filming a tv spot.  


 photo rte1.jpg

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush and his fiancee Lilit Avagyan were spotted leaving the Bel Bambini baby boutique in Beverly Hills yesterday (atop).  The couple purchased a new car seat for daughter Briseis.



 photo rte5.jpg

NeNe and Gregg Leakes appeared at a recent taping for 'Access Hollywood Live' in Rockefeller Center Plaza in NYC.

 photo rte4.jpg

Nene and Gregg's segment focused on love and marriage.

 photo rte3.jpg

In other tv appearances, Nene also appeared on a recent episode of "The Doctors" where she discussed her medical scare and blood clots.  




Photos via Fortunata / Splash News / Owen Beiny/

FLAWLESS: Lupita Nyong'o STRIKES A POSE For Vogue Italia

Posted: 04 Feb 2014 09:52 AM PST

 photo lupita-nyongo-vogue-italia-1.jpg

"IT" girl Lupita Nyong'o gives us chills in her new photoshoot for Vogue Italia.  Feast on the fashions inside......

 photo lupita-nyongo-vogue-italia-7.jpg

Kenyan beauty Lupita Nyong'o stars in a glamorous editorial for the latest issue for VOGUE ITALIA.  Shot by  Tom Munroe and styled by Patti Wilson, the spread captures the radiance of Lupita's skin, gorgeous smile and stunning figure.  

 photo lupita-nyongo-vogue-italia-3.jpg  photo lupita-nyongo-vogue-italia-5.jpg

She's flawless.  That's all.  

 photo lupita-nyongo-vogue-italia-4.jpg  photo lupita-nyongo-vogue-italia-6.jpg  photo lupita-nyongo-vogue-italia-2.jpg  photo Lupita-Nyongo-for-Vogue-Italia-February-2014-issue-BellaNaija-February2014003-400x600.jpg

Lupita's new major project is Non-Stop (February 28th) and we'll all be glued to our TVs on March 2nd to see if she picks up an Oscar.


Photos via Vogue Italia

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