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Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Snapchat Info Leaks On The Internet! Oh Snap!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 01:19 PM PST

One day we're doing the countdown for the ball to drop on New Year's Eve, next thing we find out our favorite app with a countdown has dropped the ball!

The hacker group Gibson Security discovered a security problem with Snapchat where user names and phone numbers could be matched together.

On Christmas Eve, they told Snapchat about the issue, and let all the internet know how to do the matching!

Now, a website by the name of (unaffiliated with Gibson Security) has allowed to you download a whole spreadsheet filled with millions of user names and their corresponding phone numbers!

But before you think your selfies might not be safesies, or that you're personal info was in jeopardy, apparently the site is blurring out the last two digits of its collected phone numbers.

In an email,'s creators have let the world know their intentions:

"Our motivation behind the release was to raise the public awareness around the issue, and also put public pressure on Snapchat to get this exploit fixed. It is understandable that tech startups have limited resources but security and privacy should not be a secondary goal. Security matters as much as user experience does."

We'll see how this story develops and whether or not everyone's dick pics are kept out of the light of day!

Taylor Swift's Rumored Beau Douglas Booth Ends Their Flirtationship Because She Was Too "Keen" On Him!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 01:11 PM PST

If this isn't some puuurfect song material to start off a new year, we don't know what is!

Taylor Swift is going into 2014 as an independent woman!

Apparently, things were moving a bit too fast for her Romeo and Juliet stud, Douglas Booth, because he's allegedly pumped the brakes on this Swifty romance.

The I Knew You Were Trouble singer was spotted in London before Thanksgiving happily flirting with her British beau...

But insiders are revealing he wasn't ready to date the country songstress because she was coming on too strong!

A source close to the model/actor revealed:

"Doug is a young guy and is enjoying the single life. He was quite taken aback about how keen Taylor was. She has been in touch with him, but he just wants to be friends."

Looks like "Just Friends" or "Perfect as Pals" could be her next hit single!

Forget the heartache and take it to the bank, sistaaa!

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

Even Stevens Star Christy Romano Ties The Knot To Longtime Fiancé Brendan Rooney!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 12:51 PM PST

This has to be the second wedding we know of to happen on the very last day of 2013!

Looks like this former Disney star had the same theory as Kaley Cuoco to end the year with a big bang! LOLz!

Christy Romano tied the knot to her longtime significant other Brendan Rooney in Alberta, Canada on Tuesday!

The couple had a small intimate wedding ceremony with 50 guests and Christy said she was inspired to have her wedding in Canada when:

"I went there when I was performing The Sound of Music in Calgary with Marie Osmond. It was such a magical feeling that stayed with me, so I wanted to recapture that on my wedding day."

How absolutely magical!

Shia LaBeouf's on-screen sister met her hubby in 2011 when the two attended Columbia University!

"I was the assistant director on an on-campus documentary about veterans. Brendan was the president of the Military Veterans at Columbia and we met while we were interviewing him."

Sounds like it was love at first sight because just nine months later in Italy, Brendan got down on one knee and proposed to Ren Stevens Christy!

Congrats, you two! Here's to many, many years of wedded bliss!

P.S. CLICK HERE to see the gallery of 'Forgotten Disney Channel Stars: Where Are They Now??'

[Image via B.Dowling/WENN.]

Jay Mohr Apologizes For "Absurd" Alyssa Milano Diss! See His Explanation HERE!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 12:41 PM PST

When Jay Mohr essentially called Alyssa Milano too heavy for her size after having a baby, we thought his body-shaming was a result of one of two things:

Either he's blind - because gurl is looking fantastic! - or he's just talking out of his a** to get attention!

But the comic has come forth with his hat in his hand and his foot out of his mouth with a third option. He tweeted:

So "fat-shaming", as she put it, a girl as great-looking as Alyssa was such an absurd comment that it couldn't be taken as anything, but facetiousness?

We'll give Jay the benefit of the doubt that he didn't MEAN to be mean. Comedy is tough, and not every joke gets across, especially in print where you can't always hear sarcasm.

But Jay, you've been happily married for seven years! You're telling us that joking about a woman's weight has EVER worked out for ya? And a mother's weight at that??

We sincerely hope Alyssa accepts the apology; forgiveness is good for the soul. But still, you should know better, Jay.

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[Image via WENN.]

Celebrities Partied It Up For New Year's Eve 2014 With Instagrams And Twitpics!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 12:20 PM PST

No doubt Rihanna knows how to party! So why would her New Year's Eve be anything less that super seksi and glamorous??!

The singing vixen definitely isn't ready to tame her bad girl ways based on the Instagrams of her pouring it up and smoking some greenery in honor of the start of 2014.

Thank goodness! LOLz!

Here's to a whole new year of naughty behavior and pretty pics of our fave stars!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebrities Partied It Up For New Year's Eve 2014 With Instagrams And Twitpics!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebrities Partied It Up For New Year's Eve 2014 With Instagrams And Twitpics!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebrities Partied It Up For New Year's Eve 2014 With Instagrams And Twitpics!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebrities Partied It Up For New Year's Eve 2014 With Instagrams And Twitpics!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebrities Partied It Up For New Year's Eve 2014 With Instagrams And Twitpics!"

[Image via Instagram.]

Ariana Grande Rings In The New Year With Frankie & Company In Japan!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 12:11 PM PST

It looks like Ariana Grande is doing just fine as a single lady in the new year!

Ari was half way around the world in Japan when she celebrated New Year's Eve with her brother Frankie and their entourage!

The Right There singer explored the country with her trusty camera, she tweeted about her trip so far:

So, what exactly do you get when you put Ari in Japan??

Obviously a whole bunch of adorableness! Like srsly, could this gurl be any more precious?!

Don't forget to Instagram or share those pictures on Twitter!!

We would love to see Japan through your camera lens!

[Image via Instagram.]

Beyoncé Shares A Flawless New Year's Eve Dance With Jay Z!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 12:00 PM PST

SRSLY we hope these two rode a cab their bodies home, because they could not be more drunk in love!

Beyoncé and her hubby Jay Z rang in the new year right, as they were spotted dancing together at Diddy's CIROC The New Year 2014 party at a private house in Miami!

They've also been treating their bodies right by completing their Vegan challenge, and on the night before 2014 began, they celebrated by treating their bodies right again on the dance floor!

Hova rocked his trademark Suit & Tie (of the bow variety) while Yonce went pantsless in a black and gold tiger print Versace shirt!

The two were seen leaving the party in a motorcycle looking so hot, it probably made Kim Kardashian jealous! Isn't riding on motorcycles her thing?

[Image via Instagram.]

Tori Spelling's Hubby Dean McDermott Got His Toronto Fling PREGNANT?! Is A Love Child On The Way?!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 11:40 AM PST

Uh oh! Things just got a whoooooole lot messier!

Even though Tori Spelling JUUUUUUST posted a pic of her smiling happy family, it seems that this is only the outward appearance!

Amidst all those cheating allegations and reports of Dean McDermott's infidelity, it's now being reported that Dean could be the father of a love child with his fling, Emily Goodhand!


Sources told InTouch Weekly:

"Dean and Emily had sex several times over the weekend of Dec. 6. She isn't on birth control — and they had sex without a condom."

Uh oh!!! This is no bueno!!!

Poor Tori!!!

We know she's putting on a brave face, but all these reports are getting ridiculous! She's gotta do something about this -- and soon!!!

[Image via Greg Tidwell/WENN.]

Madonna Gets Her New Year's Eve Flirt On With A Little Help From New Pal Elton John!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 11:09 AM PST

It's a new year, and Madonna is ready for a new guy! And the stars are aligning to make it happen!

Her Madgesty spent New Year's Eve at Valentino's Gstaad home Chalet Gifferhorn.

The exclusive 60-person guest list included former feuding partner Elton John, who according to sources inside the party, was among pals trying to get the Material Girl some new man material! The source said:

"[They] were figuring out who to set her up with. One joked that she needs to go on Tinder."

After breaking up with boy toy Brahim Zaibat this year, Madge has been seen with former flame Sean Penn.

We're guessing that wasn't a permanent thing?

But maybe Madonna will be luckier in love in 2014. And we're not sure she needs help finding her own Rocket Man either!

From the looks of this pic (above) gurl still has plenty of game on her own!

[Image via Instagram.]

Miley Cyrus Responds To Epic Beyoncé Diss On Twitter! See What She Said HERE!!!

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 11:09 AM PST

Miley Cyrus just woke up to the news of her spread and story in Love magazine...

And she's BEYond pissed!

Controversial comments made by the Wrecking Ball singer involving Beyoncé were released this morning--- pinning Mileybird as an anti-Bey hater in many ways!

She was documented as saying Beyoncé was "out for such a long time" that her music career was over and even went on to diss her FLAWLESS post-baby body!

But Mileybird is swearing, up and down and all around, that NONE of these words came out of her mouth!

Miley angrily responded on Twitter moments ago, revealing the quotes were completely made up:

Drama INDEED! We just can't help but wonder...

Did Miz Cyrus really say those things about Yoncé, or was this all a made-up mess?!

What do U think?!

[Image via Michael Carpenter/Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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