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The Young, Black, and Fabulous

The Young, Black, and Fabulous

ALOHA: Cassie POSTS SEXY Bikini Pics From Hawaii

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 08:59 AM PST

 photo cassiesggrgr.png

Cassie shared pics from her Hawaii vacation with her Instagram followers.  See them inside....

 photo csan1.jpg

Cassie kicked off 2014 with a little R&R in Hawaii.

 photo csan5.jpg

 photo csan7.jpg

Her 1.4 Million Instagram followers were also treated to shots of her bikini bod.

 photo csan3.jpg

 photo csan8.jpg

Cassie's Hawaiian adventure included her good friend, model Kerry Morgan.

 photo csan6.jpg

 photo csan2.jpg    

We wondered how the "Numb" singer spent the holidays since she was absent from Diddy's big NYE party in Miami (which all of his baby mommas attended). We know now......

Photos via Cassie's Instagram


OH ME OH MY!!! Idris Elba TWEETS "My Bow Makes My D*ck Hard...Is That Normal?" While Heading To The Palm Springs International Film Gala

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 07:06 AM PST

 photo idjkuih.png


Idris Elba ignited Twitter with the most explicit celebrity tweets of 2014 (so far).  See his tweets inside and pics of other celebs (Lupita Nyong'o, Naomi Harris) at the 25th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala.

 photo pspri2.jpg

Idris Elba, who's received international critical acclaim for his performance "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" set Twitter on fire this weekend with a very shocking and explicit tweet.

 photo BdLZk3tIcAAwNMZ.jpg

The gorgeous actor shared the "backstory" of this photo with the tweets....

 photo idristweets.png


Umm.....we're not even going to go there.  It speaks for itself.

 photo IdrisElba25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternationalsvCM52iVWhKl.jpg

 photo IdrisElba25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternational66MhMj52BiHl.jpg

 photo IdrisElbaMercedesBenzArrivalsPalmSpringsOoAQ_A9aq2sl.jpg

But before he "unleashed" the beast, Idris walked the red carpet at the 25th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala in the Palm Springs Convention Center in California.

 photo NaomieHarrisMercedesBenzArrivalsPalm1BgbKZTd5U8l.jpg

Idris' "Mandela" co-star Naomie Harris was also in attendance.

 photo NaomieHarrisMercedesBenzArrivalsPalma4QQKTMMRcZl.jpg

Naomie, who looked elegant in her Naeem Khan lace dress, graces the covers of RED and ESQUIRE this month.

 photo IdrisElba25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternationalMcdC8RlWXrNl.jpg 

Idris & Naomie reunited onstage to present one of the evening's awards. 

 photo LupitaNyongoMercedesBenzArrivalsPalmFwa_KXEnDUbl.jpg

 photo LupitaNyongo25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternationalUXTxzq8FBjyl.jpg

Celebrated "12 Years A Slave" star Lupita Nyong'o signed autographs as she walked the red carpet.

 photo LupitaNyongo25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternationalNnpVTZI3u9Ql.jpg

She looked amazing in an Elie Saab dress which she paired with Christian Louboutin heels.

 photo NaomieHarris25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternationalKG2Y5t6esQHl.jpg  

Inside the gala, Lupita posed with Naomie.

 photo LupitaNyongo25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternational_ZZbJcr6Gial.jpg

Lupita attended the gala with her brother Peter Nyong'o.

 photo AlfreWoodard25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternational5oMVT6fWxF5l.jpg  

Alfre Woodard, who shared a memorable scene in 12 Years A Slave with Lupita, was also spotted. 

 photo 25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternationalFilmRRDxa9Na1wQl.jpg

 photo ChiwetelEjiofor25thAnnualPalmSpringsYjb1oioPlsFl.jpg

12 Years A Slave star (and the frontrunner for the Oscar's "Best Actor" nomination) Chiwetel Ejiofor signed autographs on the red carpet.

 photo SteveMcQueen25thAnnualPalmSpringsInternationaln61EJWwpMlFl.jpg    photo SteveMcQueenMercedesBenzArrivalsPalmYSY3gNqj9WKl.jpg  

Chiwetal present an award to 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen who posed with his Bianca Stigter and their children Alex & Dexter McQueen.

Photos via Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America



Posted: 05 Jan 2014 06:02 AM PST

 photo kimsdkdkrff.png

The "Kanye Workout Plan" seems to be working for new besties Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna.  See their revealing selfies inside....

  photo kikaasse.png

You know you've made it into Kim Kardashian's intimate circle when she starts including you in her selfies.  On Instagram, Kim shared a "bootylicious" pic of her and Blac Chyna, posing in the bathroom, with her 12 million followers.  We're not hating....but one (or maybe both) of those rear ends might be fake.  We're just saying.....

 photo kisksdje93.png

The ex-sex tape star and retired-from-the-pole stripper also shared a gratuitous "chest" shot. (or maybe both) might be fake.  In addition to working out, shopping and dining together, it seems as though Kim and Blac Chyna has established a genuine friendship.  We wonder if Ms. Tyga has asked Kim for advice on promoting her new clothing label?


 photo chanelblack.jpg

Over the weekend, Blac Chyna was seen picking up a package at the UPS store in Calabasas. We thought it was a pizza box too.....but that's not on the KANYE workout plan.

Photos via Kim Kardashian Instagram/Clint Brewer / Splash News






DADDY AND ME: 50 Cent POSTS Photos Of Son With Daphne Joy??!! + Robin Thicke & Julian PICK UP Groceries

Posted: 04 Jan 2014 09:44 AM PST

 photo firftyfkdkw.png

50 Cent posted pics of an adorable little boy who "might" be his son with Daphne Joy.  See the pics inside and check out Robin Thicke and son Julian on a grocery run.

 photo bc1b01b2727c11e39b2b12e284a877bd_8.jpg

Rapper 50 Cent has posted several shots of a cute chubby-faced (who bears a striking resemblance to him) on Instagram.  Though the pics come with "captions" using the word Dad, we've not received an offficial statement from the rapper about having a new son.  

 photo da841fd2727a11e3b69312e877dfaa94_8.jpg

You'll recall that we first learned about 50's "son" when Daphne Joy filed domestic abuse charges against him in July 2013 and revealed to cops that they had a child together.  SAY WHAT NOW??!!

 photo bb4e4dc2756811e3ae8712f8e584c17a_8.jpg looks like 50 is embracing fatherhood...again.  He's got his young son rocking the "Street By 50" headphones and he tweeting up a storm, "Somebody get me a bottle before I TURN UP LOL. #SMSaudio"


In other Daddy news.....

 photo robtk.png

"Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke went grocery shopping with three-year-old son Julian at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood yesterday.

 photo curlyr2.png

 photo curlyr3.png

In the latest issue of LA Confidential, Robin talked about his breakout year and all the hard work that came before it. 

"Yeah, it’s been a long, f**ing night. A lot happened on the way to 2013. 'I was like Rocky hitting the meat for a couple of decades and then suddenly getting my shot at the title. I feel like I should run around inside the ring with my arms up. Of course, what’s great about popular culture is that you can only indulge in your success for so long before you have to go back to being a real artist again and putting in the hours. You have to get back to hitting the meat."

 photo rinko.png

 photo curlyr1.png

Cute.....the shopping trip seemed to take a toll on lil' Julian and he had to be carried to the car by his dad.

Photos via 50 Cent's IG/FAME


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