Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Beyoncé Sparks A Heated Debate On FOX News! Watch Bill O’Reilly & Russell Simmons Square Off!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 12:51 PM PDT

If you're not watching FOX News, you're apparently missing out on some heated conversations about Beyoncé!

Say whaaa???

The Queen Bey sparked a dispute between Bill O'Reilly and Russell Simmons last night over the artistic value of her song Partition!

The R&B mogul (who was on the show to discuss his new book on meditation) had to defend B because The Factor host has a major problemo with her putting out a single so seXXXy!

Watch yourself, Bill! We don't take too kindly to people badmouthing our gurl!

Bill actually argued that Beyoncé was being irresponsible by glamorizing sex when so many young women idolize her!

He exclaimed:

"Why on earth would this woman do that? Why would she do it when she knows the devastation that unwanted pregnancies and fractured families [cause]. Why would she do that?!"

Russell was having none of this nonsense though!

He fired back explaining that music is a reflection of our reality. Beyoncé is an artist who puts out music - not raises YOUR children for you!

Billy, we think you need to be a bit more selective with the battles you wage. Isn't this argument a tired one?

Sex will always be in music, in movies, on TV. You work in media. You should know that!

Let Beyoncé do what she does best which is be an AH-Mazingly talented artist! And you focus on staying fair and balanced (hehe) 5 nights a week on cable.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go blast Partition, pleaseeeee!

Ch-ch-check out the clip from the interview (above)!

Movie Stars Sometimes Make Less Than You Think! Eight Actors That Took Home Surprisingly Low Salaries!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 12:40 PM PDT

Some want to work with big name directors like Martin Scorsese. Some want meaty roles that can win them Oscars.

Some just want to work!

From Brad Pitt to Jonah Hill, we've rounded up some of the most shockingly low film salaries we've ever seen!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery "Movie Stars That Took Surprisingly Low Movie Salaries!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery "Movie Stars That Took Surprisingly Low Movie Salaries!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery "Movie Stars That Took Surprisingly Low Movie Salaries!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery "Movie Stars That Took Surprisingly Low Movie Salaries!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery "Movie Stars That Took Surprisingly Low Movie Salaries!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery "Movie Stars That Took Surprisingly Low Movie Salaries!"

[Image via Paramount Pictures/MGM.]

Selena Gomez's Family Is Trying To Save Her From Justin Bieber's Corrupting Ways!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 12:22 PM PDT

Justin Bieber might be excited to be reunited with "elegant princess" Selena Gomez, but her family??! Not so much.

In fact, Selena's mama, Mandy, and stepfather, Brian Teefey, reportedly believe that it was Justin who pushed their daughter over the edge and into rehab in January.

A source explained:

"It's definitely against [Mandy and Brian's] wishes. They're doing their best to supervise them. They're tolerating it as long as they know that there is someone who has eyes on them all the time."

Unfortunately though, they can only control a 21-year-old pop star so much!

The source continued:

"They don't have any control over her. She's pulling the, 'Who makes the money around here?' card! She even keeps changing her phone number - one of which, her parents don't have the number to! It's a s***show behind the scenes. Selena's parents know they cannot ban her from seeing Justin."


It seems like Selena has definitely taken Justin back, but it totally concerns us that her parents AND her bestie Taylor Swift for sure disapprove.

How many times will Justin have to prove he's no good for her right now before she stops taking him back??!

What Your Favorite Real Housewives Of New York City Cast Member Says About You!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 12:10 PM PDT

Geeeeet ready, Bravoholics!!!

The Real Housewives of New York City are back on air TONIGHT!!!

We know you've probably been going through some major withdrawals since it's been over a year since the Big Apple ball busters have been on your boob tube. But fear not, they're coming back with a bang!

And we're all set to get you ready for the big premiere of season 6!

We bet you've already got your fave housewife picked out, but we bet you don't know what your choice means about YOU!

Well, wonder no more! Ch-ch-check out what your #1 wild lady says about you…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Ramona "Pinot Grigio" Singer: You're a wild one! You not only get the party started, you stay to make sure the party ends with a bang! Whether that means pouring the Pinot Grigio or turtle-timing, you WILL do it! But when you're not dancing in your Louboutins, you're busy as a bee. From business to family, you're involved in it all. But we must say, you tend to be a bit of a worrier at times although most can't tell because you've always got a smile on your face. Let those walls down and feel free to show a little of your emotional side from time to time, not just when you've had a few glasses of your fab vino.

Sonja Morgan: You put the a** in class…literally! OK, so you might not always have your knickers on, but you do always have your party pants on! Unfortunately, sometimes your party pants get in the way of more important issues in your life. You really should take financial and business matters as seriously as you do your costume parties. It's time to embrace your independent woman ways and support yourself. Perhaps you could start a toaster oven line??

Aviva Drescher: You've got a leg up on the competition! LOLz…sorry, we had to! After all, a lady like you can handle the jokes! And that means you've got a good sense of humor about the hard times. Another thing you have? A lot of phobias. But it's totally cool, they all stem from somewhere legit. And while it might be time to try to confront your issues, maybe that should be all you confront because you do have a tendency to get all wound up and do a little name-calling (white trash, perhaps??) when angered.

Carole Radziwill: You're cool. Like cooler than anyone else could ever be. You're the kind of person who would do things like date rockstars without commitment and get George freakin' Clooney in the sack! You're also smart, hardworking, and successful in your own right. In fact, you really kind of don't fit in with your cray cray group of friends. But then again, every group needs a voice of reason…and a princess, which you totally are even if you don't call yourself one!

Heather Thomson: Holla!! You are Miz Charisma! You can walk into any party anywhere and be able to talk to anybody. It's likely you can attribute that to your vast work experience you've built over the years. But your real dream? Starting your own business and putting that knowledge to good use! When it comes to the dramz, you're not really a fan (you prefer chatting and smiling from ear to ear with your girls), but you're ready to jump in if someone starts with you. After all, girl, you've got street cred like nobody's business!

Kristen Taekman: While you're a pretty, tall blonde…unfortunately a lot of your identity is based off that. At least for now. In fact, you're even well-aware that you're not the sharpest tool in the shed. We wish there were more to say about you…but…we guess we'll just leave it at you're like really pretty. So you agree? You think you're really pretty?

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps: Awwww. You were once a legend. You were once the lady everyone went to for lessons in manners and etiquette. And now??? You're basically on the sidelines. Some might blame your declining popularity on your greed for more money, but others might blame it on your confusing antics of jumping around from business to business. Are you an author? Musician? Sommelier? It's been a downward spiral for you…but we won't count you out of the game yet! After all, you're royalty! Right??


[Images via Bravo.]

Hugh Jackman Snaps & Sings To Pharrell's Happy While Doing Tony Awards Promos! WATCH!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 12:00 PM PDT

Ready for your daily dose of Happy?!

Well fear not, because Hugh Jackman is ready to kindly supply the smiles!

The host of the upcoming Tony Awards took a break from shooting show promos to perform a sing-a-long of Pharrell's fabulously joyful Oscar-nominated jam...and it does not disappoint!

The star of stage and screen posted the video to his Instagram account last week, to gain endless grins across the board!

He tweeted the following, along with the adorable video:

Ch-ch-check out the snippet of the song (above), and bop along to the AH-Mazing beat!

We're still smiling from it!

Lena Dunham Unleashes On The Unfair Way Hollywood Treats Women! Check Out Her Bold SXSW Speech HERE!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 11:46 AM PDT

Lena Dunham has thrown down the gauntlet!

The Girls creator gave the keynote address at SXSW on Monday, and it was a battle cry for women in Hollywood and the diversity of roles that just aren't there!

In the speech, she lamented the fact that while men like her co-star Adam Driver is moving on to success in different types of movie roles, her Girls girls are stuck getting pigeonholed! She said:

"It's a rough scene. It's hard to always offer comforting words on that topic. I think about this in relation to the cast on my show, which consists of three very talented women and also some very talented guys. Our male lead, Adam Driver, has had a bang-up year in movies which could not be more deserved because he's a ferocious genius with an incredible work ethic, and I've learned so much from him. But the girls are still waiting patiently for parts that are going to honor their intelligence and their ability.

The world is ready to see Adam as a million different men -- playing good guys and bad guys and sweet guys and scary guys. The world is ready to see Adam do all that. It's not ready to see Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet or Jemima Kirke stretch their legs in the same variety of diverse roles. Allison is relegated to All-American sweetheart. Zosia is asked to play more flighty nood-nicks. Even though both are capable of so much, they're not asked to do it. And this is not a knock on Adam's talent, which is utterly boundless and he's exactly the actor who should be doing all this. It's a knock on a world where women are typecast and men can play villains, Lotharios and nerds in one calendar year and something has to change and I'm trying."

Gurl is absolutely right! It's time for women to play morally ambiguous anti-heroes and badass action stars and psychotic villains!

We can't wait to see what type of meaty role like that Lena is ready to write!

Think Lindsay Lohan Is Just About Clubbin'? Guess Again Because She's About Reading Her 2 Broke Girls Script WHILE Clubbin'!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 11:37 AM PDT

Think Lindsay Lohan isn't ready to get back to work? Think again!

LiLo is so ready, she isn't just taking her work home with her, she's taking it out to the club!

The Mean Girls star was spotted hanging at a Hollywood hot spot on Monday. And we guess the paparazzi flash bulbs were a bit too bright, because Lindsay had to shield her eyes...

...with her 2 Broke Girls script!

See, gurl is working it! So hard that she needed a little break, which she spent at da club!

And even then, LiLo kept her script with her! Srsly though, we don't know if this means Lindsay is trying too hard or not trying hard enough!

But at least it must be a meaty role if it requires that much studying!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

Holy Carl Fredricksen! Scientists Trying To Get Dogs To Talk To Humans! No, We're NOT Barking Mad!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 11:20 AM PDT

"Bark bark bark-bark!" = "We think this is a great idea!" as translated from dog thoughts.

Scientists in Scandinavia are working on technology that would use a headset to allow dogs to communicate their thoughts!

So get ready to hear a lot of banter about squirrels, going for walks, and, you guessed it, more squirrels!

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery is currently working on No More Woof, a technology that aspires to differentiate various doggy thoughts and then vocalize them in short sentences through a microphone.

Now, whenever you ask your furry roommate, "who let the dogs out?" you may receive this reply from your dog: "Dog let himself out. Dog is smarter than human thinks. Dog watches you sleep."

You know, typical dog thoughts!

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (maybe they could invent or discover a smaller name?) had this to say on their website:

"No More Woof is the result of combining the latest technologies in three different tech-areas - EEG (electroencephalography) sensoring, micro computing and special [brain-computer interface] software."

Sentences like "I'm hungry – but I don't like this!" or "I'm curious who that is?" will be programmed into the headset and voiced via a loudspeaker.

While all this technology is still being researched, the headsets are available on Indiegogo for pre-purchase as part of their push to fund research!

In addition, the scientific team is also working on a similar technology that can translate your thought into the beautiful language of the dogs!

Justin Bieber's Snarky Deposition Attitude Has Left Usher Embarrassed! Is JB's Mentor Throwing In The Towel?

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 11:11 AM PDT

At least someone on his team feels like he needs some tough lovin'!

Justin Bieber definitely made it clear that he didn't know who Usher Raymond IV was in his deposition video.

As insulting as that is to dismiss your mentor like that, many people would be angry at the Biebs if he dissed them, but not Usher.

The Burn singer actually feels embarrassed by the way Justin has been acting!

An insider close to the singer revealed that Usher isn't so keen on JB's antics anymore, saying:

"Usher feels like the person that Justin has become is a complete embarrassment. Usher is certainly a mentor to Justin but he feels that Justin has gone off the rails and hasn't listened to his advice. Usher is now taking things to the point that Justin has to live and learn. Tough love is the remedy he thinks Justin needs."

Well, Selena Gomez definitely isn't giving Bieberoni any tough love, judging by her recent actions. Hopefully the R&B singer will hold up to his promise!

Usher had tried to talk to JB, but it's obvious that isn't working out, the source added:

"He can't really reason with Justin over his actions. He has tried, but overall [he] has his own career to worry about. Usher makes money off of Justin, which is true, but Usher also has enough money that Justin isn't his main focus either."

That's so sad.

If his parents aren't talking to him about his reckless behavior, Justin sure as heck isn't going to care if Usher gives him a dose of tough love!

How long can this behavior continue before someone gets through to the poor boy?!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Even Kanye West Can't Escape Kris Jenner's Control! She Admits SHE Planned His Proposal To Kim Kardashian!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 10:50 AM PDT

Ooooh, does Kim Kardashian know about this???

Everyone thought it was so super sweet that Kanye West planned an over-the-top proposal involving an orchestra and fireworks, but it sounds like he might've just done the proposing part and not so much the planning.

In a lawsuit against YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, who the family claims illegally leaked video of the big night, a whole lotta other information is coming out.

The legal docs have Kris Jenner claiming:

"I played a major role in organizing and running the event...As part of this I was directly involved in formulating and was familiar with the guest list."

Well, we're sure someone as busy as Yeezy needed a lot of help to get this done.

But now his claims of being awesome and raising the bar for all other men aren't exactly holding strong.

The lawsuit goes on to report that the rights to the footage of the wedding had already been sold…and they weren't to Chad! Obvi!

"The rights to broadcast the event were sold on an exclusive basis. Such rights (including future rights) are (and will be) of diminished value if others preempt the official, contractually authorized broadcast or other publication rights that Kanye West or I own with their own, earlier unauthorized publication or broadcast."

All we can say is this guy is lucky he co-founded YouTube because he's going to need some money to fight the Kardashians AND Kanye!

Then again, maybe he can just resolve this all by agreeing to change YouTube to KardashTube?? It has a nice ring to it!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline/WENN.]

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