Thursday, March 13, 2014

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Rooney Mara As Tiger Lily Is NOT Making People Happy! Is There A Different Actress Who Should Play Her? See Who Else Has Been Tiger Lily HERE!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 01:20 PM PDT

And the controversy has emerged!

Yesterday we reported that Rooney Mara has been signed to play Tiger Lily in Joe Wright's upcoming film Pan alongside Hugh Jackman & Garrett Hedlund!

The movie has definitely piqued our interest and, unfortunately, the interest of others.

Why unfortunately?

Well, people are SUPER unhappy that Rooney has been casted as Tiger Lily because she is the Native American character in Peter Pan!

While Rooney is an incredibly talented actress, she is clearly not Native American!


People have suggested that Joe should have casted an ethnic actress in the role, which is a VERY valid point.

But it also got us curious as to who else has played the iconic role, and it seems there have been quite a few!

Ch-ch-check out the other ladies who've played Tiger Lily ...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Just for reference, here is Disney's version of Tiger Lily!

Carsen Grey played the character in the Peter Pan film from 2003!

SyFy had the character's name changed to Aaya in their Neverland mini-series and she was played by Native American actress Q'orianka Kilcher.

In the 2000 made-for-TV movie, Peter Pan, based on the Broadway play with Cathy Rigby, Tiger Lily was played by Dana Solimando.

And in the national tour of the show with Cathy, Jasmine Ejan played the role!

In the Johnny Depp & Kate Winslet film, Finding Neverland, Tiger Lily made a brief appearance and she was played by Rhoda Montemayor.

So what do U think?

Should they have chosen a different actress for the role?

[Image via WENN/Universal/Disney/SyFy/YouTube/Dana Solimando/Miramax.]

Zac Efron Has Cut Out Tons Of Former Friends From His Life & It Couldn't Have Been A Better Decision!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 01:14 PM PDT

Zac Efron is sexier than ever!

The newly sober star, who completed a rehab stay nearly one year ago, has made some major changes in his life in order to stay healthy and happy!

He's seemingly ditched the Hollywood parties, opting to concentrate on work, staying fit, and focusing on sobriety - which is so AH-Mazing!

A source close to Zefron is revealing one important change that's helped him stay on the right path:

"He cut most everyone out of his life who were part of the party scene."

And although our fave HSM stud is doing great, he's definitely faced challenges since completing his program.

Another insider close to Zac added that he "is totally committed to being sober now," and his career is about to take off once again!

Three cheers for Mr. Efron!

We love that you're doing swell!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Free Willy Makes A Splash On Vine! Let Us Explain The New #Whaling Video Craze HERE!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 12:50 PM PDT

First there was the planking trend...

Then, there was owling and Tebowing---with many others to follow!

But now, the latest viral meme craze to hit the internet has to do with Shamu (sort of)!

#Whaling has hit the video sharing site Vine with a splash, and it's continuing to make waves throughout the internet with people acting freer than Willy all over public places!

The majestic movement of arching your back and falling to imitate a whale breaching the surface of the ocean has captured the attention of many---including grandmas, babies, and more!

While we find these videos hysterical, one must properly learn to Whale safely in order to achieve maximum viral vid shares!

Allow us to provide you with a break down of the fishy and flawless movements:

First, find an elevated surface that's high enough to disappear under...

Second, slowly come up and begin to create a curve of your spine...

Third, perfect the AH-Mazing arch...

Fourth, GTFO!


Ch-ch-check out the final Whaling product and a few of our other favorite videos (below)!

[Image via Vine]

12 Cases Of Celebrity Breakups Gone Wrong!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 12:20 PM PDT

Celebrity breakups are the worst!

Not only do they go through a mourning phase, but they go through it publicly with the whole world watching!

Celebs are still people just like us, they have their fair share of amicable and over-the-top, worst breakups EVER!

Remember when Kim Kardashian decided she wanted to end her marriage to Kris Humphries and he wouldn't go down without a fight!

It took them months to end their 72-day marriage since Kris desperately tried to make the law see his marriage to Kimmy was a case of fraud.

In the end, he gave up and decided to settle on the case.

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebrity Breakups Gone Wrong!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebrity Breakups Gone Wrong!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebrity Breakups Gone Wrong!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebrity Breakups Gone Wrong!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebrity Breakups Gone Wrong!"

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks It's Totally Normal To Sell You A Box For $1,200! See What GOOP Is Pushing On You NOW!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 12:10 PM PDT

Oh Gwyneth Paltrow!

As if we can really be all that surprised that you would push a $1,200 box onto people!

But yet, we still can't believe that despite the occasional GOOP backlash, Gwynnie is still pushing her pricey products.

Case in point, the $1,200 box we mentioned! Well, it is an exclusive malachite andu box, whatever that might be!

Hopefully that means it makes money every time you close it!

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like that's the case because it's described as a box good for keepsakes. It could be displayed on your coffee table or dressing table!

Uh, what kind of keepsakes are you keeping in a box that expensive? Hopefully not old fortunes from fortune cookies!

Some other GOOP goodies Gwyneth is pushing these days? A cushion for $275! Yup, we mean basically just a pillow for your couch.

There's also a travel kit with just four products in it for $300! And yes, we said travel so that means the products aren't jumbo size.

But let's not forget some fancy shoes she's advertising. They're basically Keds, but made of magenta pony hair and beige leather. Oh, and they have the lovely price tag of $495. Well, did you expect pony hair to be cheap?!

We just hope Gwyneth doesn't trick too many people into buying these items…we mean, uh, good luck with GOOP!

Ch-ch-check out the other products we mentioned (below)!

[Images via WENN/GOOP.]

Lorde Turned Down The Opportunity To Get Prismatic With Katy Perry On Tour! Great Move Or Huge Mistake?? U Decide!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 12:01 PM PDT

Lordy, lordy, Lorde...

We cannot believe this 17-year-old songstress nixed the opportunity to head out on tour with Katy Perry!

The Royals singer was offered a place on Miz Perry's Prismatic World Tour in 2014 - but because she wanted to be headliner and hated the idea of working for another artist, she turned that shizzz down!

Even though the Grammy winner is relatively new to the scene, she told KIIS 1065's The Kyle & Jackie O Show she'd rather establish herself and be independent:

"I think... in the really early stages of an artist's career it's important for them to establish themselves for themselves... I'm just basically really stubborn and I want to be really independent. So I want to be headlining my own shows instead of supporting someone else. Which I think is fair enough."


We know Lorde is feminist fab, but was not touring with mega-celeb KP the right choice for her budding career?!

U Decide!


[Image via Getty Images.]

Green-Eyed Monster Alert! Emma Watson Admits Jealousy Of Other Young Actresses, But It's Totally NOT Why You Think!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 11:48 AM PDT

ZOMG! We didn't think Emma Watson was capable of being jealous of anyone, like, ever!

She's pretty much perfect!!

The Harry Potter actress is on Elle's April cover and she admitted that there's a certain set of girls that gets her inner green monster rearing its ugly head!

It's other young starlets!!!

But, she's not jealous of their roles or their looks or anything!!

She admitted:

"There are all these actresses who have emerged in the last year or two, and they get to emerge as this complete human being. And I'm so jealous!"

Awwwww!! But it was adorable watching her grow up!

Plus Emma got to play Hermoine Granger aka the role of a lifetime!

She got to live everyone's Harry Potter fantasy in real life!!!

That's worth something, right?

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Sandra Bullock Spotted With A Hot Mystery Man On Wednesday! Was She On A Hump Day Date?

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 11:17 AM PDT

Is Sandra Bullock dating?

The Miss Congeniality star was spotted leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, walking alongside a mystery man.

Was Sandy on a date? She was looking casual but sexy in a leather jacket and slacks. Gussied up but not too glam - definitely date wear.

But what about this guy? What do we know about him? Well, it looks like we have a gentleman; he definitely got the door for her. And he too was dressed casually, but scruffy in a strategic way.

Maybe he was just a pal or a co-worker, but if you ask us, these two were both trying to look fantastic without looking like they put in too much effort.

We also saw him lightly touch her arm and back while walking. Could this be Gravity (an attraction between two bodies)? We'll just have to wait to find out!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

Ashton Kutcher Takes Mila Kunis On A Double Date With Jon Cryer & His Wife, Proving They're BFFs Outside Of Work!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 11:09 AM PDT

Guess these co-workers can't get enough of each other on set!

Ashton Kutcher decided to double date with his Two And A Half Men co-star Jon Cryer and his wife Lisa Joyner with Mila Kunis in tow on Wednesday night in Studio City!

The couples enjoyed a delish meal and looked happy at dinner, before retiring for the night!

As the foursome waited for their cars at the valet, congratulatory hugs were exchanged - forcing us to believe this impromptu dinner was Jon's way of celebrating Ashton and Mila's recent engagement news!

We're still so happy for these two lovebirds, and are thrilled that Jon and Ashton are bestiez outside of work!

LOVE all around!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

Gross! Former New Found Glory Guitarist Accused Of Lewd Conduct With A Minor & Possessing Child Porn!

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 10:50 AM PDT

We really hope this turns out to not be true because this whole story grosses us out.

New Found Glory guitarist Steve Klein is being accused of talking with a minor via video chat on an adult website.

Apparently, Steve had already been arraigned in December on charges that include 2 counts of lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14, 3 counts of lewd conduct with a minor 14 or 15, 1 count of intent to commit lewd acts with a minor, and 1 count of possession of child pornography.

Steve, who was released without bail, has pleaded not guilty to these charges, and will appear in court again on March 20th and April 10th.

Meanwhile, upon hearing of Steve's charges, New Found Glory decided to part ways with the guitarist so he can focus on his legal troubles.

Steve's lawyer that Steve's chats were consensual and that he believed all the women he was talking to were of age, that none of these women are known and so their age cannot be proven, and that the child pornography charge comes solely from his alleged possession of these video chats.

We hope that these allegations turn out to be false, because it'd be pretty disgusting otherwise. We're kind of sick to our stomachs over this.

[Image via WENN.]

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