Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Zac Efron Will Accept His MTV Movie Award SHIRTLESS If He Wins!

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 12:31 PM PST

PLEASE, awards show gods, PLEASE let Zac Efron win!

In case you missed it, the 26-year-old actor has been nominated for the Best Shirtless Performance at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

He's facing some steep competition, like Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, and Sam Claflin, but Zefron has just upped the ante!

The That Awkward Moment star tweeted:

Um, can you say best awards show moment EVER?!

So, we implore you, voters, choose ZAC and make some dreams come true!

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Johnny Carson’s Ginormous Peen About To Be Exposed?! Get The Sex Tape Deets!

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 12:02 PM PST

This came out of left field!

Late Night show host Johnny Carson was apparently having some very late nights back in the day because a sex tape of his has come to light!

The sexytime tape owner wanted to sell it to Carson's estate, but they said no, and that they'd sue if it was sold. But the Keeper Of The Tape is still looking to sell it to private parties.


Reportedly, the tape features all 10 inches of Johnny getting poolside attention from his third wife Joanna Holland. Then, they moved into the bedroom where Mr. Carson gave her 20 minutes of his loving!

Sounds pretty intriguing, no?!

Frank Ocean Wants To Legally Change His Name To…

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 11:29 AM PST

Frank Ocean of course!

The 26-year-old singer wasn't born with that stage-ready name. It's actually Christopher Edwin Breaux!

But he's shedding his old moniker and has filed to legally changed his name to Frank Ocean!

To do this, Frank has to put the news in an actual newspapers each week, for four weeks.

Doesn't sound like too much work, especially for something this huge!

And we like the ring of the new name too! Good choice!

[Image via WENN.]

Kanye West Didn’t Want A Prenup, But Kim Kardashian Did! See How They’ll Divide Their Cash HERE!

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 10:33 AM PST

Smart girl!

Whenever two people with money are getting hitched, it's a smart idea to get a prenup, so of course Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have one!

The couple is set to get married on May 24th in Paris, and it was time to deal with their prenuptial agreement. Believe it or not, the whole thing was super easy! A source revealed:

"The entire process for the prenup for Kim and Kanye has been extremely easy, and relatively drama free. Kanye didn't even think the couple needed a prenup, and was ready to give Kim carte blanche to all of his financial assets. Yes, he loves Kim that much. There is a huge difference from Kim's prenup with Kris Humphries… the preparation of their agreement went on for several months. It was long and tedious. The couple is focused on the wedding and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. Kim is head over heels in love with Kanye, and knows this is forever. Despite having been married twice before, Kim is treating this wedding as her one and only."

That's a great attitude to have! We're glad that Kim is able to see this marriage with a fresh outlook! But still, what happens if they break up?

According to the prenup, Kim will get $1 million for each year they were married, but no more than $10 million. Also, she'll get their Bel Air home, all of the shiny gifts that Yeezy got her, and will be the sole beneficiary of one of Kanye's $20 million life insurance policies.

However, the couple didn't make any mention of child custody for North West in the prenup.

Hopefully this love lasts forever and Kimye never have to think about their prenup again!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram.]

Ellie Goulding Doesn't Think You Need To Dress Provocatively In Order To Be Successful!

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 10:02 AM PST

Ellie Goulding has been dressing a little more provocative lately, but don't think for one second it's to get ahead in the music biz!

The British songstress covered up a bit when she was on The BRITs red carpet in a stunning pink gown, but since then she's been slowly showing a little bit more skin!

Ellie said in a recent interview about her industry peers being too overtly sexy for other people's tastes:

'I don't have anything against being sexy. If a popstar exposes herself or doesn't wear a lot, it doesn't really bother me the way it bothers other people. I feel like people are less fussed about it in America, whereas in the UK people are a little more reserved. But if someone's making good music, I don't care about anyone else.'

That's all it should be about in the end! Just purely about the music, although it's not out fault everyone else is just obsessed with the fashion or lack thereof!

She continued to touch bases on some of the other popular popstars in the industry, saying you don't really need to dress seXXXy to do well!

The Burn singer said:

'Some of the most successful girls don't portray themselves as sex symbols. Lorde is doing exceptionally well - she's been number one in America for ages and she doesn't dress like a skank. Lily Allen is doing really well and she doesn't dress provocatively. If you make good music, then that's all you need.'

Very wise words, Ellie!

Maybe everyone should keep in mind that that's all you need when it comes to making music! Although we aren't complaining! Lolz!

[Image via Daniel Deme/WENN.]

Lindsey Stirling! One Night In Austin!!!

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 09:32 AM PST

We are only a week away until our big SXSW party!!!

And we are THRILLED for this next performer to take the stage!

Lindsey Stirling is one of the best and raddest violin players in the world! Just check our her exclusive performance she filmed for our site of Crystalized above!

Lindsey will be sharing her talents with those lucky enough to attend our 7th annual "One Night in Austin" concert on Saturday, March 15th!

She joins an equally awesome and varied roster of talent that also includes performers A Great Big World, Ingrid Michaelson, American Authors, Mary Lambert, Betty Who and more! We will be announcing performers every day leading up to the event. So keep your eyes on this page!

100% of all ticket sales will do directly to the Vh1 Save The Music Foundation, whose vital work is helping to keep music education in schools!

Buying tickets to our party will GUARANTEE you admission*... and you will also be doing some good!

Help support the future musicians of America through Vh1's Save The Music Foundation and rock out with Perez and a super stellar lineup of artists!!!

Make sure to tell your friends and....

CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now and ensure your entry! We were sold out last year!!!
CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now and ensure your entry! We were sold out last year!!!
CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now and ensure your entry! We were sold out last year!!!
CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now and ensure your entry! We were sold out last year!!!
CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now and ensure your entry! We were sold out last year!!!

*Please note: Admission is only guaranteed only until 9:00 PM. After that point SXSW badge holders can get in without a ticket, if there is space.

Shakira BANNED From Making Sexy Music Videos With Men! Baby Daddy Gerard Pique Isn't Having It!

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 09:22 AM PST

As long as they're on the same page, we guess!

When Shakira starred inside beside a nearly naked Rihanna in their super sex-ay video Can't Remember to Forget You we thought maybe the Colombian charmer was trying to be risqué with all of the girl-on-girl action!

Well, as it turns out, Shakira was splitting sheets with another lady because that's the way her overprotective baby daddy, Gerard Pique, wants it!!

The 37-year-old starlet says Gerard no longer allows her to shoot videos with dudes because he's so "very territorial." She confessed:

"He's very territorial, and since he no longer lets me do videos with men, well, I have to do them with women. It's more than implied in our relationship that I can't do videos like I used to. IT's out of the question -- which I like, by the way. I like that he protects his turf and he values me, in a way that the only person he would ever let graze my thigh would be Rihanna."

Whoa! Some folks might think that's a bit controlling!!

But they seem to be really happy together, so we're just thrilled they've found a system that works!

[Insert via WENN.]

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Major Character Death Spoiled — By Cereal?!

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 08:41 AM PST

Spoiled milk is bad for cereal. But is cereal now guilty of spoiling movies?

We've seen a lot of previews for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and though Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield definitely seem in danger, we've managed to stay spoiler-free so far.

But 30 seconds into the Kellogg's Web-Slinging Game tie-in's first promo video, and we've been told straight up about the death of a major character!


According to the short clip, narrated by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, Norman Osborne dies early in the film, leaving the sinister Oscorp Industries to his son Harry!

This twist might have been a surprise to fans expecting him to become the Green Goblin as he does in the comics! But now the prize is out of the box!

Oh well. No use crying over spilled movie secrets?

Ch-ch-check out the video (below) to see the spoilerrific vid for yourself!

Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 08:19 AM PST


The week after the Oscars and we've seen it all! From demure dresses to racy cutouts, these celebs have completely one-upped themselves.

No breaks for these ladies!

Both Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence SLAYED in their sparkling ensems on the red carpet. Of course their flawless hair and makeup helped!

Yet, not even these blonde bombshells made the list twice. Just wait till you see who did, because it might shock you!!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!"

[Image via WENN.]

Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane Possibly Crashed Off The Vietnam Coast

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 07:45 AM PST

What a heartbreaking thing to deal with!

A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 went missing during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and they think they may know what happened to it.

According to the Associated Press, planes from the Vietnamese air force found two large oil slicks in the water, which are consistent with a plane crash. This is leading them to assume that the plane crashed sometime early Saturday, around the time they lost communication with the aircraft. It never even sent a distress signal.

There were 239 people onboard, made up of 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Reportedly, 154 passengers were Chinese or Taiwanese, 38 were Malaysian, and three were American, including one infant.

Does it get any more tragic?!

Nearby countries are helping in the search, with the Philippines sending both their air force and navy out to look for the presumably downed plane, and Vietnamese fisherman are keeping an eye out too.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family and friends involved, especially as they await news on their loved ones.

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